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Landscope Expeditions

LANDSCOPE Expeditions are offered by LANDSCOPE, an award winning quarterly magazine devoted to wildlife, conservation and environmental issues in Western Australia. They answer the need for research to protect the environment, while they respond to the demand for first class interpretation by scientists and specialists. Paying volunteers work alongside scientists on self-supporting study and research projects.

CALM scientists and specialists lead the expeditions, which are run in association with The University of Western Australia. No experience is necessary. Anyone over the age of thirteen can be involved.

The expeditions travel to remote and beautiful locations in Western Australia, where tourists rarely go. Close encounters with wildlife and unique photo opportunities are a benefit of donating your holiday to science. Participants can see wildflowers in the company of botanists and perhaps even discover something new to science. The tours help preserve endangered wildlife and their habitats. The contribution you pay makes the research possible.

The expeditions operate throughout the year. Some are unique experiences, offered only once. Destinations in 2000 include the Kimberley, the Pilbara, the Gibson Desert, the Montebello Islands and the Murchison region, renowned for its wildflowers.

Most expeditions use air conditioned, four wheel drive vehicles, and camp out under the stars. Some use boats, or charter aircraft, and some are accommodated. Accommodation ranges from shearer’s quarters on outback stations to country hotels.

Each client receives a written briefing, the opportunity to attend a pre-trip meeting, a copy of the trip diary and an illustrated expedition report. There is a reunion each year and repeat clients get a 10% discount.

Touring Options

Activites and Experiences at Landscope Expeditions

  • National Tourism Accreditation Program
  • Direct
  • Car park Car parking available on premises may be outdoor or undercover or security parking
  • Eco Tourism Relating to the natural environment, its protection and conservation. Product fitting this experiencee have been awarded an Eco Tourism Accreditation
  • Island A piece of land completely surrounded by water
  • Nature based Relating to the natural environment
  • Water based A sailing experience / event
  • Wildflower The flower of an uncultivated plant
  • Wildlife Animals living in their natural environment or attractions that provide visitors with the opportunity to view a variety of wildlife
  • English
  • Bankcard
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  • Visa

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