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Wadda Tourism Pty Ltd

Wadda Plantation has six kilometres of river frontage with the World Heritage Rainforest. The total size is 850 hectares with 380 hectares producing bananas, cattle on some of the other land and the remainder is native rainforest.

Wadda Plantation is the second largest banana plantation in Australia. Founded in 1972 by Pat Gallagher, Wadda Plantation markets bananas from the 380 hectares under cultivation. Between 15,000 and 20,000 cartons of bananas are marketed each week. From the earliest days, they have had a commitment to the environment and sustainable banana production. Every year, they put resources into protecting and enhancing the native vegetation on the property.

Wadda Plantation is a family owned and operated business employing about 120 staff, and up to 140 staff in the Summer peak production time. The plantation is like a mini town over 50 tractors, their own road grader and quarry, electrician and mechanical repair workshop.

Touring Options

Banana Processing Factory

This is your chance to be part of packing a banana carton for market. 20 guests can visit the banana – processing factory at one time for a ‘hands on’ experience. 10 people at one time can work on the sorting of bananas, five each side with Wadda Plantation staff member working with you. You will work on sorting the bananas for packing. The other 10 people will have a chance to view any ‘visitors’ that have arrived at the factory on a banana bunch, such as a possum or frogs. You can also look at a double banana. After 10 minutes the Wadda Plantation staff will swap the groups. Rubber boots, rubber aprons and gloves for you to wear while working sorting the bananas is available, yellow vests for you to wear are available.

Cooking with Bananas

You will be given cooking classes in the Teahouse. Your group will be divided into two or three sections with each section cooking a different banana recipe. Once the banana food is cooked everyone will be able to eat some. A digital photo of you cooking will be available and can be sent to Japan. Different varieties of bananas will be available for tasting. A copy of the recipe will be available in Japanese. Tasting of banana wine and other tropical fruit wine with food is available for all guests over 20 years old.

Tree Planting

Guests will be shown how seeds are collected for planting of native trees and how these seeds are grown into seedlings. You will be given a tour showing areas of the plantation that have been planted with native trees. A tree will be given to you to plant on the plantation. The tree planting is part of a reforestation project of the North Johnstone riverbank and will become rainforest in the future. A digital photo can be taken when the trees are being planted to give to guests.

All instructions are available in Japanese.

Wadda Plantation Conference Facility

The Teahouse at Wadda banana plantation is available for conference usage. Seating is available for up to 80 delegates. Comfortable wooden chairs and tables are provided. The facility offers a wide panoramic view of the World Heritage Rainforest on three sides. Equipment available includes white boards, digital projector, and portable microphone. All meals can be catered for inside the Teahouse or on the verandah. Accommodation is available and can be arranged at nearby Innisfail or Mission Beach.

Environmental Tour

This tour offers a chance for guests to understand in depth the process of growing bananas near the Great Barrier Reef using environmentally friendly farming practices.

Preparation of land including drainage and contouring, installation of fertigation equipment, use of tissue culture planting material, ISO14001 EMS, and strategic revegetation will be explained.

Guests will visit the headquarters of the computerised irrigation and fertilizer system on the North Johnstone River where liquid organic fertiliser is added to the irrigation water in small amounts.

All tour scripts are available in Japanese.

Nature Walking Tour

You will be driven to the Johnstone River. Light refreshments can be arranged as you enjoy the peacefulness of the river. The section of the river you visit has a sandy beach where guests can enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of nature and the river.

You can walk at the edge of the river, with the tropical World Heritage rainforest on the other side. Platypus and many fish and bird life frequent this part of the River and can often be seen. Standing beside the river civilisation seems very far away.

All tour scripts are available in Japanese.

Basic Tour – Wadda Plantation

Guests are driven to East Point lookout; viewing bananas as they travel through the plantation. Next stop is the headquarters of the computerised irrigation and fertilizer system on the Johnstone River, surrounded by World Heritage Rainforest. Guests will then be driven to the banana-processing factory where they will be shown in detail how bananas are processed to meet customers requirements. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday no staff are at the factory, so alternate arrangements are available). Before leaving guests will be driven back to the Teahouse where they will be served a banana smoothie and muffins with chocolate and banana.



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