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Youth Hostels and Backpackers in Queensland

Queensland, home to the world famous Great Barrier Reef, offers some of the finest diving in the world and among Australia’s best surfing spots. It is unsurprising then that it is frequented by international and Australian travellers alike all year round.

Given that the east coast of Australia is one of the world’s most travelled backpacker routes, there are youth hostels aplenty all across the state. When it comes to an unforgettable travelling experience, Queensland offers a lot. To boot, Queensland youth hostel tours can be arranged through various hostels across the state.

Towards the north of the state, Gilligan’s is a popular hostel in Cairns. The city has a party reputation, and Gilligan’s is without doubt the place to stay if partying is what you’re looking for. A swimming pool and a constant flow of alcohol are what many stay here for, but early riders may prefer to stay elsewhere.

Just off the coast on Magnetic Island, Base is a hostel that offers cabins on the beach and a beachfront deck. Like so many hostels in this part of the world, there is a party every night as well as a full-moon party once a month. Diving and snorkelling trips can be booked through this hostel.

If you’re looking for a relaxing time during your tours in youth hostels in Queensland, Scotty’s Beach House in Mission Beach comes highly recommended. This hostel, in this quiet corner of Queensland, offers up a beautiful swimming pool, air-conditioned rooms and rainforest tours. The town is also extremely popular among skydivers.

Touring youth hostels in Queensland gives you the opportunity to stay in many different kinds of hostels, be it on the beachfront or in the jungle. Travellers on all ranges of budget can find what they’re looking for and stay in modern, comfortable facilities while enjoying the trip of a lifetime.

Youth Hostels and Backpackers In Queensland