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Summerland Surf School

Summerland Surf School offers surfing lessons in Lennox Head, Ballina, Evans Head and Yamba that are fun, safe and easy for all ages and abilities.

Choose from a variey of lessons available including beginners, groups, families and womans coaching with lessons providing safe soft boards, fibreglass boards, body boards, wetsuits and surf wear.

Summerland Surf School is professionally accredited with Level 1 and Level 2 Surfing Australia Coaches.

Touring Options

2 Hour Lessons

2 Hour Surfing Lesson with Professional Accredited Level 1 & Level 2 Surfing Australia Coaches


Age Requirement for Surfing Lessons?

Generally, children aged 7 and above. Younger kids might join depending on conditions and their skills. They can often participate towards the end of the lesson for free. We prioritize safety but aim to accommodate the whole family.
For older students, we customize lessons based on fitness and age.

How Deep into the Surf Do We Go?

We start in waist-deep water for easy wave catching. As students progress, we venture into deeper waters.

Can Families Take Surfing Lessons Together?

Yes, Summerland Surf School specializes in family group lessons.

Do You Offer Private Lessons?

Yes, individual lessons are available.

Is Surfing Risky?

Our top priority is safety, along with ensuring fun. Summerland Surf School teaches lifelong safety skills.

Concerns About Sharks?

Driving to the beach is statistically riskier than surfing. Shark attacks are rare, with most incidents in the US and South Africa. For perspective, peanut allergies cause 90 deaths globally each year!

Maximum Group Size?

With advance booking, we accommodate up to 16 students per session. We can arrange multiple sessions for larger groups.


  • 18-35's
  • Active

Popular Activities

  • Beach
  • Surfing

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