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Australia’s Best Island Escapes

Many may think of Australia as just one very large island, but the truth is Australia has many fantastic islands surrounding the mainland, with Tasmania being the largest, and Kangaroo Island in South Austalia being the next. There are many uninhabited islands around Australia, such as the Buccaneer Archipelago in the Kimberley region of north-west Western Australia.

There are however a few Australian islands that, while holding on to their pristine natural heritage, have become well known for spoiling a visitor with its beauty, both natural and man-made. The following are just some of Australia’s best island escapes.

Bedarra Island

Located just off the Queensland coast midway between Townsville and Cairns lies Bedarra Island, offering unspoilt rainforests and palm-fringed beaches, where the clear blue waters of the Coral Sea meet pristine white sand. When it comes to relaxing in glorious seclusion, Bedarra Island is the perfect tropical island retreat. Visitors rarely encounter their fellow escapees as they explore the pristine rainforest and bask in the sun on the secluded beaches. … READ MORE »

Daydream Island

Great Barrier Reef’s Daydream Island is the closest of the Whitsunday Islands to Shute Harbour, lying just five kilometres from the mainland. The island features one of the oldest Whitsunday resorts which has recently been spectacularly refurbished. Just one kilometre long and half a kilometre wide, Daydream is always popular with day visitors as it is only a short trip from the coast. … READ MORE »

Dunk Island

Just off Mission Beach, Dunk Island, the largest of the Family Islands, is one of Australia’s most beautiful rainforest islands. Located 120 kilometres south of Cairns, most of the island is National Park, with unique tracts of virgin rainforests, sweeping arcs of golden sand and turquoise seas. Guests visiting Dunk Island will gain an immediate sense of being in a tropical paradise delighting in the perfect harmony created by balancing rainforest views with vistas of brilliant blue sky. … READ MORE »

Fraser Island

Just off the coast from Queensland’s Hervey Bay, is World Heritage Listed Fraser Island – the largest sand island in the world and the only place on the planet where rainforest grows on sand! Over 120 kilometres long and over 30 kilometres across at its widest point, the Island has developed over 800,000 years and is a unique natural environment. … READ MORE »

Great Keppel Island

Just north of the Tropic of Capricorn is Great Keppel Island, the largest member of the Keppel Island Family. Surrounded by 17 pristine beaches, coves and pockets of fringing reefs. Most of the island is natural bushland and has several walking tracks and lookouts for you to enjoy. From snorkelling, diving and an array of water sports to camel treks, Great Keppel Island has something for everyone. … READ MORE »

Haggerstone Island

A remote Robinson-Crusoe style retreat, Haggerstone Island is located about 600 kilometres north of Cairns alongside the rugged Cape York Peninsula. It is an exclusive island getaway where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef or simply bask in the sun. … READ MORE »

Hamilton Island

Nestled amongst the Whitsunday Islands, Hamilton Island is part of a group of 74 islands just off the Queensland Coast and at the edge of the world famous Great Barrier Reef. Direct flights from Sydney (two hours), Melbourne (three hours), Brisbane and Cairns (one hour) with easy connecting flights from all other capital cities, makes getting there a breeze. … READ MORE »

Hayman Island

The Whitsunday’s Hayman Island is one of the world’s finest resorts and is the only Australian resort to become a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. All rooms have magnificent views of the Whitsundays or the tropical landscaped gardens. Visitors receive the best of both worlds, combining magnificence with the natural beauty of a tropical paradise. … READ MORE »

Hinchinbrook Island

Hinchinbrook Island is Australia’s largest National Park island. It is uninhabited except for the award-winning, environmentally friendly Hinchinbrook Island Resort at Cape Richards. The Island abounds in flora, fauna, palm-fringed beaches, mangrove waterways and rugged granite crags. Hinchinbrook is the perfect place to restore body, mind and spirit. This is the Island to choose if you want peace, beauty and tranquillity. … READ MORE »

Kangaroo Island

Separated from the Australian mainland about 9000 years ago, Kangaroo Island remains one of the most unspoilt natural wonders of the world. You can walk among huge weather-sculptured granite boulders at Remarkable Rocks and roll down the white sand dunes of Little Sahara. Kangaroo Island is a 30-minute flight south from Adelaide, or less than two-and-a-half hours by car and ferry. … READ MORE »

Lizard Island

Remote and ruggedly beautiful, Lizard Island is surrounded by the finest beaches and waters of any Great Barrier Reef Island. Lizard Island is renowned for its diving and is surrounded by fringing coral reefs. One of Australia’s premier resorts, Voyages Lizard Island Resort, is located on the island and is Australia’s northernmost island resort where the design works in harmony with the Island’s spectacular natural beauty. … READ MORE »

Long Island

Long Island is close to the mainland and one of the prettiest Whitsunday Islands. Long Island is a national park with 13 kilometres of graded walking tracks across the Island, leading to beautiful secluded beaches and dense bush areas. … READ MORE »

Lord Howe Island

A tiny treasure rising out of the emptiness of the southern Pacific Ocean, Lord Howe Island is one of the world’s last truly unspoiled Island destinations. Just 11 km long and 2 km wide, its many perfect beaches are safe, pristine and tranquil. World Heritage listed in 1982 for its rare collection of flora, fauna and marine life, Lord Howe is the perfect sanctuary for nature-lovers, adventure seekers, romantic getaways and ‘stress-breaker’ weekends…. READ MORE »

South Molle Island

Located in the heart of the Whitsundays, South Molle Island is the largest of the North, Mid and South Molle Island Group and the only one with a resort. Located eight kilometres north-east of Shute Harbour, South Molle is a very picturesque, hilly continental island with undulating grasslands, lush pockets of rainforest, secluded bays and fringing reefs. … READ MORE »

Whitsunday Island

Welcome to The Whitsunday Islands – one of nature’s most remarkable gifts, blessed with the breathtaking beauty of the Great Barrier Reef along with literally hundreds of tropical islands and some of the Worlds most beautiful golden beaches. … READ MORE »