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Capricorn Coast Trail Rides

Capricorn Coast Trail Rides offer one, two and three hour trails, which take the rider over the foothills of Mount Wheeler, amongst unique grass tree forests and iron bark scrub. Each of the rides takes in a scenic lookout over the Capricorn Coast area and its volcanic plugs.

All horse riding trails are tailored to suit the need of individual riders, with gentle rides for families through to challenging treks for those seeking adventure. All horses are quiet in nature and well trained to ensure the safety of all riders.

The operators take pride in the health and quality of their horses, which are well cared for, quiet and well trained. They have horses to suit all levels of riders from beginner children and adults up to riders with years of experience and they take care to match riders with horses to suit their ability and personality.

Trails are led by experienced and qualified trail leaders who will provide basic instruction and guidance before and throughout the entire tour. Capricorn Coast Trails Rides also offer 30 minute led pony trails for younger customers.

The trails rides are open seven days a week with all riders required to wear long trousers and covered shoes. Helmets are provided. For the comfort of the horses weight limits apply.

Minimum number of riders is two with trail rides customised to suit travelling needs.

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Touring Options

One Hour Family Trail

The one hour trail is great for families, it is a gentle ride with an option to walk or trot (the trot option depends on individual riders ability). The ride passes through local bush up to scenic lookout and then back to the Oaks service station. It is great fun for the whole family. The trained staff chose a horse to match the ability of the rider and basic instructions is provided before the tour departs, children who require assistance are led along the trail by a staff member. There is a minimum age of six years for this trail.

Three Hour Adventure Trail

The three hour adventure trail is for experienced rider and those of you who are active, fit and looking for adventure. From the Oaks service station, the group will head to Mount Wheeler, where you will see its many different faces as you ride around its base. The trail returns via grass tree forest taking in the scenic view of the Berserker Ranges and the local volcanic plugs.

Two Hour Ridge Ride

The two hour ridge ride is recommended for the beginner through to experienced adults. The ride is long enough that beginner riders can begin to build a relationship with their horse. There are a number of areas designated to trotting for those who want to try. The ride takes you through unique grass tree forests, with scenic views over the Berseker Ranges and the regions volcanic plugs. The ride is exciting and challenging and will give you breath taking views from the top of the ridge. The recommended minimum age is ten year for this trail.

Pony Trails

Led Pony Trails, for little riders they have a 30 minute led pony trail, through the bush and around the Oaks Dam, very popular with Saddle Club viewers! Ponys trails have limited departure times.


Popular Activities

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