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Explorer Tours

Explorer Tours takes small groups of people (8 Persons) to very remote outback Western Australia and the Northern Territory. You visit both rarely seen sites and some better known sites. Travel through deserts like the Great Victoria, Sandy, Gibson and Tanami. Be driven along some of the most famous outback tracks in Australia: the Canning Stock Route, Gunbarrel Highway, Kidson Track, and several of Len Beadell’s tracks. Participants enjoy a high level of involvement in the Expedition.

You visit aboriginal sites, and see places like Surveyor Generals’ Corner, Giles Weather Station, Lake Gregory and the Eyre bird observatory. You will see wildlife including Camels, Dingoes, Kangaroos and Emus. You will see birds like Wedge-tailed Eagles and Brolgas as bird watching is one of the activities. You visit some of the most botanically diverse regions on earth to see the famous wild flowers, and other amazing flora.

Explorer Tours specialises in following the routes of the early explorers of Australia. The journeys of Canning, Forrest, Roe and Eyre are covered which gives you the opportunity to visit exciting, little known and rarely seen places. Private charters are also available.

A high level of information on wildlife, flora, history and landforms is provided.

You are taken by Dr Marion Hercock FRGS, who has a PhD in environmental geography from the University of Western Australia. The other 4WD vehicle is driven by her husband, Joe Bryant, a skilled navigator, logistician and outback cook.

All camping equipment, food and wine are provided.

Touring Options

The Outback South East – Old Balledonia Road and Eyre Bird Observatory

This nine day fully accomodated 4Wheel Drive expedition shows tsome other aspect of the south of Western Australia.

This is not the pleasant Margaret River side, but the desolate salt lake area to the east. and the remote Baxter Cliffs. The expedition travels through the biologically diverse Fitzgerald River national park,including the vast white expanse of the Fitzgerald River mouth.

It travels up the difficult Old Balladonia road past gloomy Mount Ragged to Balladonia. From here the expedition travels along the Baxter Cliffs to the Eyre Bird Observatory, before heading west to the Fraser Range and some of the old woodline camps, and Norseman. It returns to Perth via Hyden.

This is a most surprising and fascinating expedition.

Birds, Bettongs, Bilbies and other Biota

This is a very exciting expedition to some remote and unknown parts of the Tanami desert. It will be led by a Geographer Dr Marion Hercock FRGS and a zoologist David Bryant (Bsc Monash). Specifically it will investigate the signs of some rare animals seen on a previous trip, and try to visit some sites of historic interest.
No skills are required just an interest in the very remote outback and an interest in wildlife and landscapes.
Numbers are restricted.
The trip starts and finishes in Broome or Halls Creek

The Canning Stock Route and the Central Deserts

This is an extremely interesting expedition of some 16 to 18 days. It encompasses a wide range of landforms from farming, pastoral to deserts. It travels along parts of the famous Canning Stock Route, David Carnegie and Hunt oil road and the Gunbarrel Highway. The expedition is based on John Forrest’s route of 1874.

The expedition crosses the desert to the Western Australian, Northern Territory, and South Australian border at Surveyor Generals Corner, near the remote Giles Weather Station, which is visited. It interacts with various Aboriginal communities, and there is the option to return to Perth via two other Len Beadell tracks, the Connie Sue and Anne Beadell.

Wildflowers are at their peak during this period.

The Collier Range, Lofty Range, Carnarvon Range

Exploring some of Western Australia’s least known ranges and National Parks. This ranges act as a water shed for the Ashburton River to the north, and the Gascoyne river to the south, and the last wild river in Western Australia to the east. Access is by 4WD and is difficult. Excellent for photographers and people with an interest in remote area wildlife. The Carnarvon Range is particularly scenic.

The Canning Stock Route and the Stations of the Semi-Arid Lands

A fully accommodated tour, in Motels, Hotels ,Station stays and Shearing accomodation. A highlight of this expedition is travelling the lower part of the famous Canning Stock Route, and a visit to Blue Hills. Blue hills, now abandoned was the property of the famous Tommy Incabong the first Aboriginal pastoralist, and renowned tracker.
Travel includes the Gunbarrel Highway, London Bridge and Lake Ballard, the site of the Gormley statues.
Several working stations will be visited.
A real outback expedition to the borders of the desert with the advantage of a roof over ones head.



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