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Carnarvon is located 904 kilometres north of Perth on the North West Coastal Highway. A coastal town, Carnarvon has a moderate tropical climate and is famous for its banana plantations.

The rugged coastline only a short drive north of Carnarvon features outstanding coastal cliffs at Cape Cuvier, plus great fishing, swimming and snorkelling all year round. Pack a hamper and visit classical Australian waterholes – Rocky Pool and Chinaman’s Pool. When day turns into night sit back and gaze into our clear, star-filled skies.

First settled in 1876, Carnarvon has had a colourful history, not to mention a traumatic beginning. Several destructive floods occurred early on in the town’s life when the Gascoyne River repeatedly broke its banks. Bulwarks were erected along the perimeter of the foreshore in the early 1900s.

The Gascoyne River and surrounding fertile red earth are now crucial to the town’s thriving agricultural industry.

Drawing water from the aquifer of the river basin, the many plantations grow a host of delicacies. Bananas, mangoes, papaya, carambola melons, grapes and a wide range of vegetables are readily available. With a vibrant seafood industry, there is no shortage of fresh fish, prawns and scallops to throw on the barbecue.

Two landmarks that have had a significant influence on the history of Carnarvon are the Carnarvon Heritage Precinct and the satellite communications dish.

Carnarvon has a wide range of accommodation, including hotels, motels, holiday parks, backpacker hostels, camping facilities and caravan parks. For the slightly more adventurous, there are many farming stations offering farm stays in the Carnarvon area.

Activites and Experiences at Carnarvon

  • Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale
  • Fuel
  • Active Attraction where visitors have the opportunity to pick and purchase their own fruit
  • Rural/Country Relating to the rural/country lifestyle (ie agricultural or pastoral)
  • Farm/Station On a farm or station with the option to participate in the activities of the property.
  • Fishing Related to any fishing activities
  • Historic/Heritage Nation’s historic buildings, monuments, countryside etc, especially when regarded worthy of preservation
  • Industry/Mining, Agriculture Relating to Industry, mining or agriculture
  • Marine Related to aquatic activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling etc
  • Sport Suitable location for windsurfing

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