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Adventure Out Australia

Adventure Out’s recreation programs are for individuals, social groups and the whole family. Like all our activities, our recreation programs are based on fun and enjoyment, with an emphasis on learning technical skills, as well as increasing self-confidence.

You can choose between one day abseiling trips that focus on the basics or a two day trip to Bluff Knoll, culminating in the 280 metres descent. Other programs include single rope techniques (an essential skills based course for anyone interested in climbing, caving or working in a vertical environment), rock climbing techniques, white water rafting and our wonderful weekenders in Margaret River that incorporate camping, climbing, caving and abseiling – all in the one trip!

From white water rafting to abseiling and rock climbing, from camps to day trips, we guarantee an unforgettable experience that may change your life.

Since 1984, Adventure Out has been Western Australia’s most successful and enduring outdoor adventure organisation. Our reputation is based on our extensive range of action-packed activities, our commitment to clients and our unrivalled experience in outdoor education. Between them, our highly qualified instructors have decades of experience in the outdoor training industry and our programs are especially designed to have minimal impact on the environment, while encouraging and motivating individuals through experiential learning.

All Adventure Out programs include provision of:
*Experienced instructors
*All specialised activity and safety equipment
*First aid kits
*Access fees to activity sites

The following activities are offered. You may be interested in participating in just one, or a combination – for example abseiling and caving.
*Rock Climbing
*White Water Rafting
*Weekend escapes

Touring Options

Kimberley Odyssey

The Kimberley is well known for its spectacular geography as well as its diverse and unique mix of inhabitants and industry. People who are visiting the region are leaving with lifelong memories of the breathtaking scenery, unique Aboriginal rock art and culture, classic barramundi fishing and distinctive East Kimberley characters. The ability to create a sense of awe, and be readily identifiable as Western Australian, has led this region to be listed within the top ranks of Western Australia’s most iconic tourist attractions.

Adventure Out offers you the opportunity to appreciate this natural beauty and diverse cultural wealth and history. This outback adventure encompasses a walk from the Dunham River along Cabbage Tree Creek and across the Carr Boyd Ranges, following Revolver Creek through the flatland wilderness, and then explore the hidden valleys that lead a path through the gorges to an eventual pick up on the shores of Lake Argyle.

Adventure Out subscribes to the policy of protecting the natural environment and indigenous cultural values that make much of the Kimberley a natural icon and recognise that it is vital the region be treated with integrity to preserve the reasons why people go there.

Bluff Knoll Abseiling

This is where abseiling culminates, with a 280-metre multi-pitch descent! Two days in the South West participating in a challenging activity that is totally different to the normal abseil!

The Bluff overlooks the Stirling Ranges and surrounding farmland, affording magnificent views in all directions. One of the unique experiences this activity offers is gazing down on the majestic wedge tail eagles as they soar back a forth across the cliff face, under you at times! Once you are on the cliff face they often fly to within 25 metres to take a closer look. Bluff Knoll is the highest location in the South-West of Western Australia, forming part of the Stirling Ranges. The range is approximately 80 kilometres north of Albany and 350 kilometres south east of Perth.

Day 1
Depart Perth at 1730 for Stirling Range Retreat.
Day 2:
Experience the thrill of abseiling at Castle Rock in the Porongurups. Here we introduce all the techniques and safety skills necessary for your multi-pitch descent of the Bluff.
Day 3
It’s now time to take that big plunge to abseil down the North-West Bay of Bluff Knoll (280 metres in six pitches), finishing around 1400. Then its time for a quick shower, pack and return to Perth by approximately 2030.

Two Day Introductory Rock Climbing Course

The introductory course is designed for those with little or no experience with rock climbing or rope-work. The focus of the two-day program is on developing your skills and confidence in setting up the safety systems (belay systems) associated with climbing, with considerable time spent on the rock developing personal climbing technique. We have a high instructor-to-participant ratio (1:4), which ensures that appropriate safety and quality supervision are maintained at all times.

Abseiling and Rock Climbing

This one day program has been designed to allow you as many opportunities as possible to try some abseiling and rock climbing. The focus is on developing good techniques, safe practices and a high level personal confidence to take on all challenges, but most of all to have fun.

The day commences with an introduction and welcome by our friendly skilled instructors followed by a venue safety briefing, an overview of all roping equipment used on the program and fitting of personal abseiling gear.

A demonstration of abseiling techniques followed by a short practical session using these skills on level ground helps to reinforce these techniques. A final briefing on safe roping practices and now we are ready, it’s off to do our first descent, about 15 metres high on the introductory face. As your confidence and skills develop under the encouraging direction of the instructors, you move on to vertical, over hanging and higher rock faces. Our aim is to help you develop the confidence to tackle the main face (approximately 50 metres). Those of you seeking a further challenge may wish to attempt the exhilaration of a forward run down, (abseiling face first down the cliff).

To the majority of people the thought of rock climbing conjures images of danger and madness! However with modern equipment, instruction in the basic skills and a positive mental attitude, rock climbing can be a safe and enjoyable alternative to mainstream outdoor activities. Try your hand at climbs up to 18 metres.

Margaret River Discovery

The Margaret River Discovery is a high quality program of fun and excitement! We combine the three challenging activities of rock climbing, abseiling and caving with camping in the magnificent Margaret River area for an inspirational weekend you won’t forget!

We leave the hustle of the city life behind on Friday evening for the tranquillity of a bush camp. On day one we head for the Willyabrup Sea Cliffs, which overlook the beautiful Southern Ocean. Your day begins with a thorough equipment and safety brief, given by your experienced instructors. Then it’s all action as you develop your technique on the small slopes. By the end of the day you will have mastered the 35 metre sea cliffs. Rock climbing your way back to the top is the challenge that gets you higher.

Day two centres on the underground treasures of the Leeuwin Naturalist Ridge. The caves are the hidden treasures of the region. We head into the Boranup forest and explore the maze of tunnels and chambers with their spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. The climax of the day is accessing the cave by rope, via a 35 metre overhang.

All you need is an adventurous spirit – we provide the rest.

Abseiling and White Water Rafting

Adventure Out’s summer white water rafting trips combine all the elements of a memorable adventure — beautiful scenery, thrilling rapids, solitude and relaxation. Add abseiling to this and the excitement levels peak.

We offer a day of abseiling the Wellington Dam quarry and then white water rafting the magnificent Collie River. Collie is situated 200 km south of Perth and offers the opportunity to experience two adventurous activities. In the morning we will take you through a safety briefing on safe roping practices and equipment fitting and then it’s off to do our first descent, about 8 metres high on the introductory face and building up from there.

After lunch, cool off from the hot summer sun swimming and paddling your way down the river. The Collie River’s pristine waters are great for floating along and relaxing, but hang on tight when you experience the thrill of rapids such as ‘3 drops’ and ‘waterfalls’.

Two Day Lead Rock Climbing Course

This is an instructional two-day course designed to develop the technical skills, experience and confidence needed to safely pursue lead rock climbing. The course is conducted at the Willyabrup Sea Cliffs, arguably one of Western Australia’s premiere climbing locations, approximately three hours south of Perth near Margaret River. The crag offers a full range of climbing challenges and serves as an ideal environment for learning the art of protection placement (camming devices, stoppers, hexentrics etc) which is integral to lead climbing. Every piece of protection placed over the two days is critically reviewed by an experienced instructor, providing participants with constant feedback and ensuring appropriate safety standards are maintained throughout the course. We have a high instructor to participant ratio of 1:4.

The program will cover:
* Revision of knots and top-rope belay systems.
* Introduction to lead climbing equipment – its design and application.
* Protection placement and the use of slings to minimise rope drag.
* Establishing multi-anchor belays using artificial and/or natural protection.
* Lead climbing belay systems and communication between climbers.
* Leader falls – how to fall and direction of force on the system.
* Climber safety and self rescue.
* Climbing technique and ethics.
* Environmental considerations.



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