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Environmental Encounters

Environmental Encounters, a trusted, Perth based outdoor adventure company, has been conducting regular walking and kayaking expeditions throughout Western Australia since 1977.

We provide all-inclusive trips to some of Western Australia’s most stunning wilderness areas and national parks. Whether it is sea kayaking and snorkelling at the Ningaloo Marine Park or guided walking expeditions in the State’s southwest or the Pilbara’s Karijini National Park, Environmental Encounters has the trip for you! We nurture a fun, flexible approach and therefore encourage participation by individuals of all ages and levels of ability.

Our all-inclusive expeditions comprise small groups accompanied by a minimum of three qualified team members. Expert environmental interpreters further enrich your experience by sharing their knowledge of the diverse flora, fauna and geological features encountered on each trip.

Environmental Encounters’ mission is:
To facilitate fun and enjoyable interaction between people and the natural environment
To deliver unique and professional services to our customers
To provide natural, cultural and historical interpretation of wilderness areas
To promote conservation and awareness of the need to look after our environment
To employ safe and sustainable practices in everything we do
To encourage “participation and access for all” through our flexible approach
To create challenging and rewarding employment for our team

The EEA team has detailed knowledge of local conditions in the areas visited and has extensive knowledge of the local environment, current land management issues, pioneer and Aboriginal pre-history.

Our team “interpreters” explore the geomorphology, geology, Aboriginal history and culture, pre-history, marine biology and flora and fauna to match the focus of each programme. Participants also gain a thorough understanding of unique ecological systems and their diverse populations as well as current land management issues.

EEA has over twenty qualified and accredited instructors and facilitators who are employed according to the skills required for particular programmes. We have a particular commitment to continuous professional development and ensure all staff continually upgrade and revise their skills. Staff are selected largely for their communication skills, empathy with clients and personal commitment to facilitate a safe and enjoyable experience.

For more information about us or our trips , please contact us or browse our website.

Touring Options

Stirling Ranges and the Porongurups Guided Expedition

Join Environmental Encounters on a seven day guided walking tour through the Mountains of Mystery – the Stirling Ranges and the Porongorups…

Just a few hours south of Perth is an area that is steeped in Aboriginal history and magical scenery – the Stirling Ranges and the Porongurups. It offers walkers a magnificent opportunity to explore the diversity and beauty of an area that is entrancing in its beauty. The flora, fauna and geological wonders of this region will be a memory you will treasure forever.

Although they are separated by a mere 50 kilometres, differing rainfall levels mean that they offer very diverse environments. From the mallee-heath and wildflower rich thickets on the wet summits of the Stirlings to the majestic Karri forest and fern wonderlands of the Porongurups…you will be inspired by our journey.

Enjoy the challenge of conquering Mt Magog, Talyuberlup Peak, Bluff Knoll and Castle Rock. Be mesmerised by the beauty and mystery of the Stirling Ranges and what are thought to be the oldest hills in the world – the Porongurups.

Seven Day Cape to Cape Track Walking Tours

Enjoy a 7 day guided walking tour on the Cape to Cape Track from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin – arguably some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world. Expect superior accommodation, gourmet cuisine, and side trips to the Margaret River wineries and other regional attractions. Your Environmental Encounters Cape experience will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed. You will also have a sense of accomplishment at having become an "End to Ender"- one of the lucky few to have walked the entire length of the Cape to Cape Track.

We offer two Walking the Capes options… The first is based on shared accommodation and includes all meals which are prepared by our dedicated support team.

The second option is for you to Walk the Capes "In Style." With this option you will have twin share luxury accommodation and gourmet wining and dining at some of the regions most acclaimed restaurants.

There is no need to worry about carrying your belongings, our support team will take care of all the logistics, ensuring that once you finish your day’s walking activities you can settle in, relax and reflect on the day’s adventure.

Our Walking the Capes expeditions run every second week in Spring and Autumn. The trips leave on Sunday and return on Saturday.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about this trip of a lifetime!

"Taste the Pilbara" – An 8 Day Expedition through Karijini National Park and the Chichester Ranges in the Central Pilbara

The winter months are the ideal time to head north for a true wilderness experience. Our "Taste the Pilbara" Expedition is an 8 day journey through the remote, pristine environments of Karijini National Park and the stunning Chichester Ranges in the Central Pilbara region of Western Australia.

Join us on this expedition to explore the spectacular, deep gorges of Karijini by floating and trekking through them on day trips. We then relocate to the Chichester Ranges with time to explore a major gorge on foot over the next few days. On this section we will backpack into the George River gorge and explore some of the seldom seen areas of this pristine environment.

Wilderness Kayaking – Seven Days Exploring the Inland Waterways along the State’s South Coast

Explore the inland waterways, wildflowers and wilderness by kayak for seven days. This gentle excursion has been especially developed for novice paddlers, of all ages, who are normally fit and who wish to explore the secluded inland waterways of the Rainbow Coast.

We have been conducting explorations in this region since 1976 and have an intimate knowledge of the area’s many secrets. Environmental interpretation will be presented by a group of local and EEA experts.

Explore Broke Inlet & the Nornalup Inlet…

We will explore both Broke Inlet and the Nornalup Inlet area, encountering along the way:

The Southern Ocean
Shannon Island & Shannon River
Deep River
Fernhook Falls
Nuyts Wilderness
Newdegate Island
Walpole Inlet & the Walpole River
Circus Beach
Sealers Cove
East Point & Rocky Head
Frankland River, Monastery Landing & Mount Frankland
Tree-top Walk in the Valley of the Giants

Ningaloo Reef Sea Kayaking Tour

Explore the remote and unspoiled areas of the fabulous Ningaloo Marine National Park. Spend a leisurely week camping by the beach, sea kayaking, snorkelling, beachcombing, playing petanque and resting. Acquaint yourself with colourful corals and numerous fish as you paddle the protected lagoon waters inside the reef.

You will be well looked after by our trusted, experienced guides who will assist you to enjoy the magnificent Ningaloo environment to its fullest. Expert marine interpretation, kayak instruction and close supervision are offered at all times.

Please contact us for more information…

"Painting in the Bush" – 5 Day Bushpainting Trip

Join us for a fun-filled, all-inclusive jaunt to the beautiful Margaret River region for five days of painting and relaxation…

Our resident artist Allison Dovey will guide you in the joys of painting outside in natural surroundings. We will be using environmentally friendly water-soluble oil paints*. These are a new innovation and allow for faster drying times and easier clean up. There will be no shortage of interesting subjects to paint under Allison’s expert guidance.

We stay at the picturesque Sunflower Farm cottages and after painting there will be plenty of extracurricula activities!



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