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Yamba Kayak

Experience the freedom of our fast stable, state of the art kayaks. We will teach you how to paddle and enjoy the exciting sport of kayaking. Discover the silence as your kayak glides through some of the most beautiful and pristine rivers, lakes and coastal waters of Australia.

Touring Options

Lower Esk River

We launch our Kayaks from Salt Water Inlet, on the Iluka side of the river, heading into a maze of mangrove lined tributaries.
Dolphins and a large range of bird life including spoon bills, cormorants, sea eagles, pelicans, osprey, ibis and many more inhabit this area.
We paddle past Nihill, Narrabaribi, Eureka and Esk Islands finding ourselves at the mouth of the Esk River system in the Bundjalung National Park. Here we will stop on the bank for a refreshment break.

Paddling up the river and into Woram Channel we find a Palm forest, stands of Casuarina and Swamp Melaleuca. Skimming gently over sea grass beds where as recently as ten years ago Dugong fed, we again find ourselves in the mangrove island maze. We then enter the main river for a short paddle back to our launching site.

Brooms Head to Spooky Beach

Brooms Head is a small coastal village nestled on the edge of the Yuraygir National Park and is the starting point of our full day paddle up the coast. After passing numerous white sandy beaches we travel by Red Cliff, Plumbago around Shelly Headland, and to Shelly beach where we stop for lunch. Here there is time to swim, snorkel, walk or a throw a frisbee. From Shelly, we head past more pristine white sandy beaches, paddle under overhanging cliffs, and around "One Mans" Point, Angourie bay, and Angourie point checking out the board riders along the way. We then cruise along behind the blue and green pools and into Spooky beach to meet our courtesy vehicle.
All this makes for an incredible day!.

Mangrove Creek

Launching from the old farm boat ramp at Ashby, we turn up Mangrove creek passing old style cabins nestled in the forest. We come across old cane barges moored on the river bank. Your guide tells stories of how these barges worked the Clarence River. So abundant is the bird and insect life that at certain times of the year their calls can be deafening. Whilst exploring every turn and twist of the river the forest closes in to form a canopy overhead. Azure Kingfishers, osprey, eagles and ducks are all very active on this river system. We enjoy a relaxing refreshment break on the bank where you can have a swim or wander through the forest. Returning to the kayaks we savour the solitude as we paddle back down stream.

Sandon River & Solitary Islands Marine Park

This is one of the most pristine coastal rivers in Australia, with clear aqua waters and sea grass beds where turtles forage for their food. Plant life on the river banks is of amazing diversity, "Old Man" Banksias, She Oaks, Melaleuca and Callistemon to name a few.
King fishers, bee eaters, sea eagles, rosellas and other bird life make this an unique area to be enjoyed. Stop and have a swim or just kick back and listen to the sounds of the bush. This trip is not to be missed on your holiday!

Lake Wooloweyah to Yuraygir National Park

Some of the village still sleeps as we paddle out of Wooloweyah lagoon heading towards the south-western region of the lake. We head past Davies Point around which are the vistas of Clarence Peak and countless bays lined with small sandy beaches. We paddle close to shore, looking out for the diverse flora and fauna of the Yuraygir National Park. Black swans, pelicans, sea eagles and other birds can be seen along with dingoes, kangaroos and goannas foraging along the lake shore. This remote region, accessible by boat only, often means we have the lake to ourselves.

Iluka Bluff to Shark Bay

We paddle out with the ocean before us, and Bundjalung National Park fringing the shore to our left. As we round Bluff beach, Frazier’s reef and middle bluff we can see the countless beaches of one of Northern New South Wales most picturesque National Parks. We weave our way through the outer reefs, around Woody Head and through sheltered bays. We enter Shark bay where we stop for a refreshment break, and admire what seems to be endless unspoiled beaches, before heading back to where we began. This is a very special trip.

Spooky Beach to Shelly Beach Return

With beautiful beaches and headlands all in the Yuraygir National Park, this really is a great paddle. We launch from the picturesque cove of Spooky beach and paddle around Angourie point to reveal a vast unspoilt coastline. We pass Angourie back beach, "One Mans" headland and bluff, overhanging rock faces and small sandy coves. Moving on to "Little Shelly" and main Shelly beach we stop for a refreshment break. Here we can explore the beach caves the ocean has carved into the cliff face and enjoy the natural surroundings.
Full day tour available departing Convent Beach Yamba.

Convent Beach to Spooky Beach

Paddling out from Convent beach, we pass by Main beach, home of the Surf Lifesaving Assoc. of Yamba, and along to Turners beach towards the break wall. We then turn south, paddling around Lovers Point, along Pippie Beach and with a little luck come across a school of Dolphins often seen in the area. Enjoying the feel of the swell under our kayaks and taking in the scenery, we head south, past Flat Rock, Miners Rocks, Green Point Cove and around Green Point, a traditional Aboriginal meeting site still of importance to the local people. We come into Spooky Beach for a refreshment break, a swim or maybe a throw of the Frisbee! Back in the kayaks we paddle around Spooky Point, the famous Angourie Blue Pools, to Angourie Point. We paddle out around Angourie Point, casting our eyes south, to see countless beaches, coves and headlands to be explored on another paddling day. Returning to Spooky Beach where the courtesy vehicle awaits.

Lake Wooloweyah to Oyster Channel

We leave from Wooloweyah Lagoon paddling north over sea grass beds, past tall Apple and Blue Gums, Casuarina and Cypress Pine trees, whilst watching pelicans fishing the lake. Paddling between Corokos and Mangrove Islands into Oyster Channel we frequently encounter black swans in large numbers. As we paddle the channel between Joss and Micalo Islands we often come across sea eagles nests, and colonies of wading royal spoonbills, darters, cormorants, herons, egret and ibis. With brahminy kite birds wheeling above we take a refreshment break. We then drift back into the lake over vast sand flats to the eastern shore of the Yuraygir National Park where many small coves and secluded sandy beaches can be found. As we take an easy paddle back to where we began we look out for wildlife such as dingoes, wallabies, kangaroos and goannas on the shore.

Mouth of the Clarence River

We leave from Whiting beach and head up the break wall with a view of Yamba’s Pilot hill lighthouse. We then gently swing around to paddle alongside "Middle Wall", famous for its Blackfish and Bream fishing. To the left there are continuous white beaches on Hickey and Dart Islands. We stop briefly as the guide describes the history of Yamba’s old railway and quarry which constructed the break walls in the delta mouth. A short paddle across to Freeburn Island sees us into mangrove lined rivulets where a diverse range of plant, sea and bird life can be discovered. We then head through the opening in the middle wall and on to Moriaty beach. Here we stop for our morning tea break. Moriaty beach is a great place to relax, have a swim, snorkel or experiment with new kayaking skills. After being refreshed with home made cakes, fresh seasonal fruit and brewed tea and coffee, it is time to paddle home. We make our way into Yamba bay where our trip finishes on a small beach amongst anchored yachts.


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