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Rob’s Rainforest Explorer Day Tours

From Brisbane you can easily explore several World Heritage National Parks and their deep exciting sub-tropical rainforest with Rob’s Rainforest Explorer Day Tours.

A typical day tour includes a pick-up (approximately 8.00 a.m.) and return (approximately 6.00 p.m.) to your Brisbane inner-city accommodation. After pick-up you will be driven to a National Park for morning tea and time to prepare for a long guided rainforest walk.

On the walk – discover the spectacular trees of Australia’s sub-tropical rainforest – trees that strangle or sting, ancient trees with families among the oldest species on earth, as well as palms, ferns and vines!

There is opportunity to see the colourful birds and animals living in this fantastic environment – many colourful parrots, robins, wrens, and rainforest wallabies as well as other creatures – lizards, skinks, spiders and snakes (at a safe distance!)

The walk takes you to spectacular waterfalls and rockpools where you can have a well-earned swim and a break for lunch. Tour costs don’t include lunch, but you can bring your own or buy along the way.

Walks are from five to nine kilometres long and you will be in the rainforest at least three hours, on graded tracks which may be a little rough and involve some scrambling over rocks and creek crossings.

Each tour is led by either Rob Jimmieson or one of his experienced and knowledgeable guides who are all nature enthusiasts and travellers.

There are three different tours to choose from – Lamington National Park, Springbrook National Park and the Glasshouse Mountains and Kondalilla Falls National Park, each with their own individual characteristics and personality. You will return at the end of the day with a greater appreciation and love of the deep enchanting rainforest, of the mystical mountains and with your newly met friends from the tour.

Touring Options

Glasshouse Mountains and Kondalilla Falls

Seventy kilometres north of Brisbane lie the mystical Glasshouse Mountains. Travel around the mountains to a fire tower lookout, hear stories and legends about this family of mountains. Enjoy morning tea surrounded by the magnificent scenery.

Travel to other lookout point over the mountains, then on to Kondalilla Falls National Park and a five kilometre guided rainforest walk which takes you deep into the canopy of the rainforest to the base of an 80 metre waterfall. Walking back to the top of the falls to swim in the rockpool.

Travelling back by the Glasshouse Mountains silhouetted against the setting sun.

Lamington National Park

South of Brisbane is the World Heritage Lamington National Park, which contains the largest area of sub-tropical rainforest in the world. Perched at 1000 metres above sea level it offers spectacular scenery and a fantastic variety of rainforest birds and animals.

A choice of walks from five to nine kilometres long, takes you through deep and ancient rainforest to spectacular waterfalls and rockpools.

After a long trek, walk along a suspension bridge through the canopy of the rainforest and climb a 30 metre rainforest tree.

Driving down the mountain in the late afternoon, look for wallabies feeding.

Springbrook National Park

At World Heritage listed National Park of Springbrook, follow a track which descends deep into the rainforest. The five kilometre track takes you through the thundering mists of Rainbow, Twin and Blackfellow Falls, have lunch beside one. The track follows the base of a steep canyon and leads to the top, giving spectacular views to the Gold Coast and Pacific Ocean.

In the afternoon, drive to the top of the Plateau and walk down through rainforest to a lookout point with views over the crater of an ancient volcano to the Pacific Ocean – ‘The Best Lookout in the World’.


Popular Activities

  • Bird Watching
  • Bush Walking
  • Sightseeing
  • Swimming
  • Adventure
  • Rainforest
  • Wilderness
  • World Heritage

Accommodation In Brisbane City

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