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West Coast, TAS

A journey through the wholesome wilderness. The west coast Tasmania is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. It is an isolated place associated with enormous adventures. It is part of Tasmania in Australia. Hobart, the state capital of Tasmania located in the most southern portion of Australia. It is the southeast region located on the estuary of the Derwent River.

West Coast

The West coast is the home of ancient pine trees, untamed rivers, and giant sand dunes amidst Tasmania’s wilderness. Tasmania’s west coast offers a vast range of expeditions ranging from sailing through beautiful harbors to hiking through the old age rainforest.

The West coast offers the true essence of a rugged corner in Australia. It offers a high rafting experience through the challenging infamous Franklin River. Hiking expedition over the past 1000 years old Huon pines through the world’s extreme temperate rainforest.

Journey through the wilderness

Plan a road trip through the western wilderness of Queenstown. A long drive filled with enormous stories and detours. Get a wonderful and exotic experience of driving through the button grass plains amidst the snow-covered mountains. The most wonderful mossy rainforest, the Franklin River Nature Trail, is the best place to wander around. Give a short walk to the effusive Nelson falls.

Go down through the 99 bends for the most surreal experience through moonscape into the wonderful region known as Queenstown. Queenstown offers a unique train ride into the rarest rainforest. It is the gateway to the awaiting rugged west coast of Tasmania. Queenstown has its brutal beauty often termed the “moonscape” with its exotic orange water of the Queens river. The Queens river has an ancient legacy of mining for centuries. Queenstown holds natural and cultural riches. The best place for admiring the restored art deco is the Paragon theatre.

West Coast

A destination for the sport’s addict with the steepest golf course in Australia, Rosebery. This place experiences the highest precipitation in Tasmania near the Mount Read region. It is referred to as a know dominated by the mining ores. Mining serves as the core active industry of Rosebery. It holds the richest mining ore on the west coast. Do not forget to experience the ancient aerial ore bucket ropeway. The extraordinary Montezuma waterfall is the highest in Tasmania.

The most wonderful destination for exploring the west coast is the Strahan. It beholds dark history. Strahan serves as the best destination for the escapist. It is the most relaxing place in the west filled with national parks. Stand at Hell Gates and experience to have a look at the rarest animals. Get to experience the endless breath-catching scenarios of Gordon River Cruises. Take an ATV and explore the most amazing dunes at Bonnet island with a lovely view of fairy penguins. Interestingly, dine in with the most exotic seafood offered in Strahan, west coast.

West Coast

The hydro village popularly known as the Tullah is found on the shores of Rosebery lake. It beholds a significant history even today, which is symbolized by its two “suburbs”. Explore Tullah’s calming atmosphere with a boat or kayak or bike.

Popularly known as the Silver City, Zeehan lies at the bottom of the wild valley covered with hills and rainforests. It is a town in the west coast region of Tasmania. Visiting the town of Zeehan you can witness various museums displaying the history of the town through mining works. Another center of attraction includes the abandoned Head Down Spray Tunnel which stretches up to 100 meters and is worth taking a tour of.

Apart from all these, the town is surrounded by natural beauties. Aesthetic coastal views can be experienced on the rugged west coast at Granville or the Trial Harbour. The harbor extends to the country’s longest beach known by the name Henty Dunes. If you love to fish, Lake Pieman provides the country’s best trout.

West Coast

The mountain has its name due to the shape of a miner’s cradle. It is altogether described as pleasant and calm. The mountain is a part of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National park situated in the Central Highlands of Tasmania. Ages back it used to cover itself with glaciers but the invention of limestone caves gave knowledge about the human occupation in the area.

Cradle Mountain is one of the renowned tourist spots and you can travel to places for years to have an adventurous experience of trekking. Other than trekking, the place provides the option of quad biking, canyoning, horse riding, and many more. Even flying over the place in a helicopter shows the amazing landscape and is a treat to the eyes.

West Coast Destinations

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