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Sunshine Coast Skydivers

Pure Adrenalin! Pure Excitement! Pure Adventure!
Tandem skydiving allows you to experience all the thrill of skydiving securely attached by a harness to a professional skydiving instructor who does all the hard work so you have all the fun! Beach Tandem skydive with Sunshine Coast Skydivers and get all the fantastic sensations of skydiving with no previous experience, simply book, turn up and jump!

You’ve always wanted to, so just do it now!

Skydiving will change your life! Imagine jumping out of a plane four and a half kilometres above the earth’s surface. Imagine racing earthwards for up to 65 seconds at 200 kilometres per hour (or 50 metres per second!) experiencing the physical freedom and exhilaration of freefall, then the absolute peace of the parachute ride down – the views are amazing – the horizon in the distance, the spectacular coastal scenery, take over the steering yourself before returning control to your tandem master to land you both on the soft sand on one of the Sunshine Coasts spectacular beaches. Imagine the grin on your face, after the best rush you’ll ever have.
Pure Exhilaration. Pure Adrenalin. Pure Excitement.

If you are not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space!

Jumping Daily, Beach Landings, Maximum Freefall, Wonderful Weather, and Fantastic Scenery, Great Prices, why would you jump anywhere else?!
Plus! Digital video and stills photography of your action adventure.

Be a falling star with a Night Tandem Skydive! Groups welcome.

One of Australia’s largest and most comfortable skydiving aircraft. Jump with your friends and share the rush! Free bottle of bubbly for all birthday skydivers!

Price includes beach landing. All skydivers must have AFP membership which is payable at the jump centre.

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Touring Options

Shooting Star Night Tandem Skydive

All equipment supplied, beach landing and achievenment certificate included. Fort-five seconds freefall. Australian Parachute Federation Membership not included.

Ground Rush Special 6 000 feet

Ten second freefall from 6,000 feet. Includes beach landing and achievement certificate. All equipment provided.

Ultimate Leap Tandem Skydiving 14 000 feet

Tandem jumps seven days a week in Caloundra. Over one minute of freefall from 14 000 feet. Tandem Skydiving is one of the best ways to see what Skydiving is about. You can jump and land right on the beach in Caloundra seven days a week. As the thousands of backpackers and locals who took the big step will testify, the Aerial Views of the Sunshine Coast are hard to match anywhere in the World.
Includes beach landing, achievement certificate. All equipment provided.

Adrenalin Shot Tandem Skydiving 12 000 feet

Tandem jumps seven days a week in Caloundra. 45 seconds of freefall from 12 000 feet.
Includes beach landing and achievement certificate. All equipment provided.


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