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Shark Bay Majestic Tours

Explore the Shark Bay World Heritage Area with Ron and Kate in a comfortable four-wheel drive vehicle. We specialize in personalised nature based tours of two to six people with the emphasis on client interests.

Francois Peron National Park. Enjoy a day communing with nature as we drive along the four wheel drive track to the tip of Cape Peron. You may see kangaroos, emus, goannas, thorny devils and birds ranging from the exquisite fairy wrens to wedge tailed and sea eagles. Wild flowers are abundant and spectacular in spring. Marvel at the spectacular scenery of brilliant red cliffs, white sandy beaches and turquoise sea. Dolphins, dugongs, sharks, giant rays and turtles are often seen swimming in the pristine waters below. At the Peron Homestead have a relaxing soak in the “Hot Tub” fed by an artesian bore.

Shell Beach. Explore this fascinating and unique beach made entirely of small white shells.

Stromatolites. One of the few places in the world where these prehistoric life forms are found growing. Find out why our planet owes its present existence to these organisms.

Steep Point and Zuytdorp Cliffs. This is an exiting very full day adventure for a minimum of four people which includes rugged four wheel driving, as we visit Steep Point which is the most Westerly point on the Australian Mainland and drive along the spectacularly rugged Zuytdorp Cliffs with the wild Indian Ocean crashing against them. The track takes us to areas rarely found without our knowledge and includes spectacular blowholes and thunderous bays. In winter, whales are often seen.

We can also take you to special places “off the beaten track” for other shell beach and stromatolite areas. We offer discounts for groups . Just tell us where you would like to go and we will get you there in comfort at an affordable rate.

Touring Options

Steep Point and Zuytdorp Cliffs

Very full day four wheel drive
Visit the most westerly pointon the Australian mainland .
This is a tour not to be missed. Rugged adventure with scenery that you will remember for a lifetime.
Relax on the beach at Shelter Bay then add to the rock cairns at Steep Point where many an expedition has set off on a west-east Australia crossing.
Enjoy the spectacular views of the wild Indian Ocean crashing on the Zuytdorp Cliffs as we drive along the cliffs to the amazing blowholes of Thunder Bay and False Entrance. Whales are often sighted during the winter months.
The track to scenic Crayfish Bay is a true adventure.
Bring walking shoes ,hat and camera. Lunch ,morning and afternoon tea are provided.
This tour will take approximately 12 hours with all road conditions from bitumen to gravel to rugged four wheel driving experienced.

Hot Tub and Barbeque

Enjoy the delightful setting of the Peron Homestead, relax in the warm artesian waters of the "hot tub"as your guide cooks a simple but delicious barbeque meal for you. You may see kangaroos and emus come to drink at the nearby water hole. You have a choice of eith a lunch or evening exoerience. Bring bathers, warm clothing and a torch for the evening.

Petit Point

Pristine shell beaches ,stromatolites, the rugged Australian bush and sheep station history all in the one tour.
Petit Point is a unique environmentally sensitive area with limited access.
See the "Shell Works" where shell is quarried for industrial uses, drive along kilometers of incredible beaches made entirely of shell, marvel at fascinating stromatolites and the mysterious Blue Holes.
See the old shearing shed , old artesian bore sites and the beauty and surprises of the bush as we drive along old fence line tracks.
Morning tea and lunch is provided.

Francois Peron National Park

This is our most popular tour.
An unforgetable day communing with nature as we drive the track to Cape Peron.
On the way enjoy the wildflowers and animals that may come into veiw. Often sighted are birds such as fairy wrens ,eagles, terns,cormorants and emus; reptiles such as thorny devils, bobtail lizards and goannas and sometimes kangaroos and echidna.
Do some beach combing at Bottle Bay. Cape Peron is a photographers delight with spectacular scenic veiws of red cliffs, white sandy beaches and turquoise ocean.
Dolphins, dugong,turtles, sharks and giant rays can often be seen feeding in the pristine waters.
At the Peron Homestead you can learn of the past life of the sheep station and the present life as the centre for Project Eden , re-establishing native species on the Peron Peninsula . Then relax with a soothing dip in the "hot tub"which is fed from an artesian bore.
We supply morning tea and lunch.

Shell Beach

Marvel at the miles of beach made entirely of small white shells
Enjoy morning or afternoon tea on the beach and visit an old shell block quarry.
Tour also includes the town of Denham with commentary on its colourful history; the unique church of St Andrews by the sea made of shell block and Eagle Bluff where you will have a panoramic view of the Western Gulf , the salt mounds of Useless Loop and maybe sharks and rays in the clear waters.
Optional extra – a visit to Ocean Park to view and learn about Shark Bay marine life in a lake and aquarium setting.( entry price not included in tour price)


This tour includes all of the Shell Beach Tour plus the Hamelin Pool Stromatolites.
This is one of the few places in the world where these amazing life forms are found growing. Find out why our planet owes its present existence to these organisms .
We visit the shell block quarry where blocks were cut to build some of the buildings unique to the Shark Bay area eg. the Church and Old Pearler Restaurant.
Lunch may be purchased at the historic Hamelin Pool Telegraph Station with the option of a tour of the museum. (entry price not included in tour price)



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