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Outback Ballooning Pty Ltd

Ballooning will provide you with the ultimate Outback Adventure experience.

Early mornings can be daunting, but in the capable hands of the Outback Ballooning staff, getting up at 0400 is a pleasure. On arrival to the selected launch site you will meet your pilot and balloon.

The real excitement begins with the start of the inflation fan. Watching the balloon inflate you will start to appreciate its size. With the balloon ready to go and everyone safely on board the morning sun will start to peep over the horizon. Experience a magical floating feeling as you drift up into the sky.

Watch the spectacular sunrise erupt before you across the blue rim of the horizon revealing the Indian Ocean and Roebuck Bay with Broome in the distance. After an exhilarating decent and smooth landing you are served with a delicious breakfast accompanied with champagne, which brings your adventure to a satisfying end. Your crew will return you to your accommodation, presenting you with a flight certificate.

Experience the magnificent sunset across the ocean at Cable Beach for one of our sunset flights. After the flight the night sky unfolds above you with the Milky Way revealing all of its splendour. The pilot demonstrates the power of the burners lighting up the night sky with an incredible flame.

Touring Options

45 – 60 Minute Balloon Flight Adventure Tour

You will be picked up by the Outback Ballooning crew, approximatley one and a half hours before dawn. You will travel along the Great Western Highway for 30 to 45 minutes heading to Roebuck Plains Station.

Watching the balloon fill with air you start to appreciate its size. With the balloon ready to go, we climb into the balloon basket. The morning sun promising to peep over the horizon at any moment, off we go.

The balloon floats so gently that if you closed your eyes you would not know you were flying. First we stay low then steadily climb higher to appreciate the vast 280 square kilometre open grass plains of the station, with the Outback bush and Roebuck Bay beyond.

With red dirt, endless flat plains, and cattle on one side, and Roebuck Bay and the ocean on the other, it is an inspiring environment. Kites, bush turkeys, the occasional brolga and wallabies are common sights on the short drive to our breakfast sites either on the bay or under the ti trees.

The gourmet picnic breakfast is the perfect way to complete your adventure. Your crew will then return you to your accommodation saying their farewells and presenting you with a commemorative flight certificate.

Chase and Breakfast Tour

This tour does not include a balloon flight.

The Chase and Breakfast Tour departs at the same time as the 45 to 60 Minute Balloon Flight Adventure Tour.

You will be present for the inflation of the balloon, and will be able to wave the ballooners into the morning sky. With our experienced ground crew, you will travel in the vehicle along remote bush tracks “chasing” the balloon. There are great photographic opportunities of the hot air balloon, surrounding wildlife and scenery.

Once the balloon flight is complete, you will greet the passengers on the ground as they land. Once reunited with the ballooners, you will all have the gourmet picnic breakfast together.

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