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Monkey Mia Wildsights

Monkey Mia Wildsights provides a range of quality cruises and private charters for individuals, families and small groups and also provides personalised nature based four wheel drive (4wd) eco-adventure outback tours.

Monkey Mia Wildsights is located within the famous Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, situated in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area adjacent to Exmouth, Coral Bay, Carnarvon, Kalbarri and Geraldton and an easy day drive from Perth.

Monkey Mia Wildsights will show you Western Australia’s unique attractions in the Shark Bay World Heritage region including:-

The Monkey Mia Dolphins
Hamelin Pool Stromatolites
Shell Beach
Zuytdorp Cliffs
Wooramel Seagrass Bank
Steep Point
Peron Peninsula and Francios Peron National Park

Depending on the tour, you will have the opportunity to indulge in the following experiences:-

Fossicking for rocks and shells
Flora and fauna
Kangaroos and emus
Astronomy and star gazing
Bird watching
Bush walking
Off road driving
Swimming and snorkelling
Whale watching
Dugongs and Turtles

Monkey Mia Wildsights is the only tour operator that gives you the opportunity to experience and see wildlife from the deck of an 18 metre catamaran “The Shotover” or from the comfort of a four wheel drive vehicle.

See the richness of Western Australia in a way few others have seen it …. You will not be disappointed.

Touring Options

Wow! Wildlife Experience

A fasinating two hour wildlife cruise in one of the world’s most important animal behavioural research sites.

Scientists from all over the world come to Monkey Mia to unravel the mysteries of the marine world. There are people listening to dolphins; putting video cameras on tiger sharks; tagging turtles; studying stingrays and tracking dugongs. There are scientists getting wet all over the place. It’s exciting stuff. You’ll find out their discoveries.
You’ll learn the relationship between the animals; the reason for the behaviour you’re seeing; have some myths exploded and some secrets revealed.
Depending on the time of the year you could see dolphins, dugongs, turtles, sharks, sea-snakes, stingrays, flying fish and many more.

See the Origin of the Mermaid Myth

Join the worlds only daily cruise specifically to see the legendary mermaid of ancient mariners – the endangered dugong. Nature’s only vegetarian sea mammal, it looks like a walrus, is related to the elephant and is known as a sea-cow. Growing to three meters and 400 kilograms, incredibly this strange looking animal spawned the mermaid myth.

Monkey Mia Magic Sundown

Join fellow travellers of the planet in a relaxed mood for an experience of forever. Unwind with peaceful, silent sail and breathtakingly beautiful music. As day begins another night and paints the sky with the hues of pink and gold, Shotover conjures up magic from her Polynesian past.

Bring your favourite friend and a sundown drink.

Expect the Unexpected

If you are on a tight schedule and want to get the most out of your visit, then take this cruise.

See the maximum of Monkey Mia’s wildlife in a limited time with hawk eyed wildlife spotters putting you in touch with the animals. Experience the silent sensation of sailing; the exhilarating freedom of riding the wind as nature whisks you away on one of Australia’s most awesome sailing machines.


Popular Activities

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  • National Park
  • Wilderness
  • Wildlife
  • World Heritage

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