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Riverview Rise Retreats, Mannum

Indulge in rich river living – beyond accommodation, its a platinum river experience.

Riverview Rise is a 40-acre property providing private, luxury, self-contained retreats that let nature in and offer the experience of interaction between nature and the arts. The first of their kind in South Australia, Riverview Rise Retreats provide you with unparalleled luxury accommodation that is designed just for two, situated only 60 minutes drive from Adelaide.

Enjoy the environment through a meandering sculpture walk, in harmony with nature experiencing breathtaking views of the world’s fourth largest river system, the Murray River, painted by Mother Nature herself.

Taking advantage of the location, dynamic design has been engaged to create a feeling of ambience with the outdoors whilst sheltered from the elements. With views across the Murray, these luxurious spa studio retreats are well located and offer a romantic indulgence designed to transcend you into a state of relaxation sheltered from the pressures of living. For those times when you have had enough of the hammock, we can suggest numerous packages designed to suit you with nature-based, culture-heritage or adventure activities. Reliable mobile reception, full office and Broadband facilities will enable you to mix business with pleasure.

If you want much more than just accommodation, then we invite you to come and experience the real culture of river living and inspiration for the arts at Riverview Rise Retreats. Due to open July/August 2006.

Accommodation Options


One king size bed.


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