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Faraway Bay The Bush Camp, Kununurra

On the north west corner of the vast Australian coastline, there is a place so remote you won’t find it on any map. It’s so far away from anywhere, we called it Faraway Bay. It feels like the edge of forever, and time appears to stand still. When it does move, it’s measured in tides and sunsets.
Getting there truly is part of this adventure, with access strictly limited to air. Guests fly by light aircraft from Kununurra, over some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth.

Faraway Bay, The Bush Camp is an outstanding wilderness retreat. Spectacularly isolated, all six secluded bush-style cabins enjoy 180 ocean views. Visitors wake up each morning to birdsong, and drift off each evening to the gentle sounds of the ocean. And while the wildlife is prolific, the neighbours are not. With a maximum of just twelve guests at any time, privacy is ensured.

Eagle Lodge, the main meeting place, is surely Australia’s most unusual dining room – except it’s a room with no walls. Perched on a headland overlooking remote and tranquil Faraway Bay, this bush-built pole and corrugated iron roof structure is ideally suited to the climate and spectacular setting – and combines guest lounging, croc spotting, cooking and dining, all in one dramatic location. In this exotic kitchen the Kimberley Cooking School , held annually, provides a unique opportunity to learn tricks, tips and inside secrets from one of Australia’s top chefs.

It’s the ultimate walk on the wild side. You’ve never been this far away ….

Packages from $1,950.00 per person for two days/nights include scenic air transfer from Kununurra, accommodation, a day trip to the King George Falls, all other activities, meals, wine, beer and snacks. Packages can also be arranged from Darwin or Broome however generally these are not cost effective from groups less than four.

Accommodation Options

Additional Day/Nights

Includes activities, meals, beer, wine and snacks.

Two Day/Night Package

Package includes scenic return air transfer from Kununurra, accommodation, a day trip to the King George Falls, all other activities, cruises and fishing, all meals, beer, wine and snacks. Packages can also be arranged from Broome or Darwin however generally these are not cost effective from groups less than four.


Popular Activities

  • Bird Watching
  • Cruising
  • Fishing - Beach
  • Fishing - Estuary
  • Fishing - Deep Sea
  • Scenic Flight
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Wilderness
  • Wildlife

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