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Pichi Richi Camel Tours

Pichi Richi Camel Tours is owned and operated by Graham Cannard, a fourth generation cameleer. Situated between Devils Peak and the Dutchman Range Escarpment, Pichi Richi Camel Tours is set amongst 260 acres of native bush land. Pichi Richi Camel Tours offers a variety of camel experiences, from specialist camel to candlelight dinners, sunset or moonlight rides, daylight rides, half and full day tours and for the more adventurous two, four and seven day safaris. All rides, tours and safaris are lead by expert guides.

Touring Options

Full Day Tour – PRCT07

This tour allows you to truly relax and unwind as you experience Australia’s timeless landscape. You will travel within the shadow of Devils Peak and glimpse the blue waters of the distant Spencer Gulf. Stop to watch wild goats climb impossibly steep tracks or drink from the natural spring. Look for ancient engravings on the red sandstone walls of spectacular gorges. Enjoy a leisurely stroll in the shade of River Red Gums whilst your guide prepares a light lunch.

. Operates:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday all year round from 0930 to 1530.

Half Hour Tour – PRCT01

A camel riding experience through native scrubland, beneath the imposing Dutchman Range East. Enjoy views through a valley to the distant township of Quorn, nestled on the edge of the Willochra Floodplain, the peaks of Horseshoe Range, Mookra Tower and Kanyaka Hill visible beneath the Flinders Ranges’ unique blue haze, so sought after by artists and photographers. Panoramic views of Devils Peak and Mount Brown. Experience the peace of the bush as your camel pads along quietly, listen to the birds and maybe the chance to see kangaroos, wallabies and emus.

. Operates:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn on
. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday all year round at 0900 to 0930.
. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 1 November to 31 March at 0900 to 0930 and 1530 to 1600.

Sunset Two Hour Tour – PRCT03

Set beneath magnificent Devils Peak; take in the splendour of the Flinders Ranges. As your camel pads quietly through native bushland watch the sun slowly sink behind imposing Dutchman Range East. Gaze across Willochra Floodplain and watch the peaks of Mookra Tower and the Horseshoe Range turn orange, then shades of pink, lilac and blue before disappearing as the first stars wink on in the sky. Watch the wildlife; kangaroos, wallabies and emus come out to feed and water.

. Operates:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday two hours before sunset.

Four Day Safari – PRCT11

Your four day camel safari departs by vehicle transfer to your awaiting camels. The Horseshow Range in the heart of the Flinders Ranges is the setting for this four day sojourn into the Australian outback with all meals supplied and prepared and the camp set up for you, your need do nothing but relax as your camel traverses the ridges and valleys of this magnificent range. Watch the Wedge Tailed eagles soar over peaks with evocative names such as Mookra Tower. Watch the wildlife, including kangaroos, emus, echidnas and the vast array of birdlife, all undisturbed by the quiet padding of your camel. Leisurely lunch breaks are filled with the opportunity to explore as the ranges unfold before you.

. Operates:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 1030, returns on the following Friday at 1400.

Camel to Candlelight Dinner Evening Tour – PRCT04

Your evening begins with a spectacular hour and a half camel ride through native bushland, arriving at a turn of the century stone cottage as the sun sinks beneath the Dutchman escarpment and the first stars wink on in the evening sky. Your two course candlelight dinner accompanied by Australian beer or wine, will highlight Flinders Ranges and native bush cuisine. After your meal you will be transfered by vehicle back to the Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn.

. Operators:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday all year round, two hours before sunset and returns at 2200 approximately.

Half Day Tour – PRCT05

Follow ancient creek beds as they wind their way beneath the magnificent Devils Peak. Glimpse the glistening blue of Spencer Gulf between the peaks of Mount Brown and the Dutchman Range.

. Operates:
. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday all year round from 1130 to 1500.

Moonlight Tour – PRCT06

Start your tour as the full moon rises from behind the peaks of Horseshoe Range. As your camel pads quietly through the night, listen to the sounds of the evening as the Milky Way lights up overhead. Enjoy the peace, solitude and romance of a Flinders Ranges night from a unique vantage point.

. Operates:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn all year on the night before, the night of and the night after a full moon.
. Tour is dependent upon lunar cycle, times available on application.

Historic Footsteps Seven Day Safari – PRCT08

The only way to truly experience the Australian outback is by camel. The ultimate "hands on" adventure, this safari departs by vehicle transfer to Wilkarina Station where you will be introduced to both your camel and the pack camels. You will be guided in saddling your camel and how to load pack animals. Following a short safety briefing this safari will ride out following the path of famous outback explorer Earnest Giles, through the cool depths of the ranges, stopping to explore in places such as the famous Depot Springs. Under the guidance of experienced cameleers riders will be astounded at the wildlife, undisturbed by the quietly padding of their camel. Support personnel are responsible for all meals, however if interested safari participants are welcome to try their hand at the fine art of camp over cooking.

. Operates:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn on second Tuesday in April (11 April 2006) and November (14 November 2006) only.

One Hour Tour – PRCT02

A leisurely camel ride through native bushland. Take in the splendour of the imposing Dutchman Range East and stunning Devils Peak. As your camel quietly pads along, glimpse the magnificent parrots as they dart from tree to tree, listen to the melodious sounds of the bird life and there may be a chance to see kangaroos, wallabies and emus and perhaps even an echidna as it scurries for cover or rolls into a ball to camouflage itself. Gaze across the Willochra Floodplain to the distant Horseshoe Range.

. Operates:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday all year round at 0945 to 1045.

Two Day Safari – PRCT09

Enjoy spectacular scenery as you camel ride through native bushland of the Flinders Ranges on this two day camel safari.

. Day One – Tour departs by vehicle transfer to the spectacular Dutchman Range. After your introduction to your camel, you will mount up and ride out through the native bushland, crossing spinifex plateaus with fantastic views over Spencer Gulf, the enormous saltpan of Lake Torrens and to the north the distant walls of Wilpena Pound, where you stop for a leisurely lunch on day one in the cool shadows of Mount Arden, remember to take the time to look for the endangered Yellow Footed rock wallabies that inhabit the gorges, before remounting your camel for a relaxing afternoon ramble to your campsite. As your evening meal is prepared, take the time to photograph the sunset, spend some time with your camel, or just relax by the campfire and watch the Milky Way light up the night sky.

. Day Two – includes another unforgettable morning of camel riding before transfer back to the Pichi Richi Camel Farm after lunch.

. Operates:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn on Saturday at 1030, returns Sunday at 1400.
. Transfer from Port Augusta to Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn available at extra cost.

Three Day Safari – SH06

An experience not to be missed. Relax and enjoy the timeless beauty that is the spectacular Flinders Ranges. Native fauna abounds undisturbed by the quiet padding of your camel. Spend the evenings sitting by a campfire watching the night sky come alive with the Milky Way.

. Operates:
. By arrangement.

Seven Day Safari – PRCT10

This fantastic safari combines gourmet food with a traditional Australian swag and the perfect backdrop; by day the magnificent peaks of the Flinders Ranges and by night the spectacular Milky Way. Together the camel, the Australian native wildlife, the timeless Flinders Ranges and Pichi Richi Camel Tours can provide riders with the opportunity for an adventure of a lifetime. Each day a spectacular new vista unfolds before you as your days are spent between relaxing on your camel and leisurely breaks with time to explore, photograph, climb or just watch the infamous changing colours of the peaks that surround you.

. Operates:
. From Pichi Richi Camel Farm Quorn on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, departure times on application.



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