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Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Adventures

Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Adventures was the first charter boat trout guiding operation in Australia. We run a full Maritime Services Board Surveyed Boat to assure your safety.

Steve Williamson is regarded as Jindabyne’s number one fishing guide and is one of Australia’s top fising guides. There is no other person more capable of teaching you how to fish.

We are the only fishing guides that teach and guide in all disciplines of trout fishing.

We are a member of ‘The Professional Fishing Guides and Instructors Association’.

Steve Williamson’s Trout Fishing Adventures can also offer trout fishing trips for the disabled angler. Accommodation can also be arranged to suit personal needs.

Sightseeing trips of the Snowy Mountains can also be arranged, the non-angling partner is always looked after.

All Tackle supplied just bring yourself, we want to teach you how to Trout Fish – You can learn all methods on our full day tour.

Touring Options

Stream, River and Lake Craft

For those that have already done a little casting, we also teach lake, river and stream craft. A skill which is very necessary to be able to catch fish.

Spinning and Bait Fishing

Spinning with artificial lures can be arranged either in the river or on Lake Jindabyne. Bait fishing can only be conducted on the lake, it is illegal to bait fish in our rivers. All tackle, lures and bait is suppplied. Casting Tuition included.

Beginner Casting Lessons – 2 Hour

Fly Fishing is a sport that requires the angler to be able to cast the fly line with a reasonable degree of accuracy. To enable an angler to do this, you must first have casting lessons. A fly fishing lesson can be conducted on either the lake or the river.

Lake Jindabyne Sightseeing Trips

Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Adventures also offers a service to allow people to tour our beautiful lake by boat. Jindabyne is a totally different town when viewed from the water. Our 6.1 metre marlin Broadbil twin hull ahs plenty of cover for shade and clear side curtains in case of rain or wind. Your comfort is important to us. All lake trips are customised to suit individual needs. Our boat is surveyed to carry up to 8 adult passengers.

Guided River and Lake Fly Fishing Tours

For experienced fly casters. Lake, River or Stream. All tackle, waders, vests and flies are supplied.

Half Day Tours

Spinning, Bait fishing, Fly fishing and Boat trolling, choose to experience one or two of these methods. Like the full day tour you can customise the 4 hours to suit yourself or let us decide on the best method to catch trout on the day.

Day Tours

Spinning, Bait Fishing, Fly Fishing and Boat Trolling, choose to experience one of all of these methods. This is the perfect tour for those that want to learn all the methods used to catch a trout. You can also mix methods to suit your own personal needs or just use the method of your choice.

Charter Boat

Enquire about our customised tours. We can pick up from anywhere on the lake and take you on a private tour or just take you to visit friends on the lake. You tell us where you want to go, for how long and we will supply a fixed quote for you and your friends.


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