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Coral Bay Adventures

Coral Bay Adventures specialisies in marine interaction tours on the Ningaloo Reef. Established since 1995 the company has been offering visitors of Ningaloo amazing experiences interacting with the marine life surrounding Coral Bay.

A variety of tours are offered catering to many levels of water confidence, from the non-swimmer to the advance scuba diver there is a tour to suit everyone.

* Swimming with the Whalesharks and Manta Rays in their natural environmnet are two popular tours offered by Coral Bay Adventures.
* Humpback Whale Watching is another favourite tour option.
* Scuba Diving, Coral Viewing and snorkel cruises to the outer reef are avialable.

Get a disposable underwater camera and do some photography, view marine animals. You can see a lot from the deck of the boat or you can swim, snorkel and scuba dive and see it all. Coral Bay Adventures is also involved with various conservation and research programs. Clients have an opportunity to become part of these programs during the tours.

All year round tours are available (some wildlife is seasonal).

The company also provides a transfer service between Learmonth airport and Coral Bay.

Coral Bay Adventures has an excellant reputation in providing its clients with professional, informativie and friendly experiences during its tours. An exciting adventure awaits you….

Touring Options

Ningaloo Discovery Tour – Snorkel Tour

A great opportunity to travel to the outer reef to two different snorkel sites on this three hour snorkelling adventure. Search for turtles, dolhpins, rays and a variety of tropical fish as you venture over hard coral gardens. Staghorn corals, Brain corals and Foliacious corals are some of the varieties you will see. This tour departs daily and is suited to all levels of snorkelling. Light refreshments, wetsuit and snorkelling equipment are included in the price.

A snorkel guide is there to help you explore the wonders of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park

Humpback Whale Adventure

This three quater day tour takes you to observe Humpback Whales in their natural environment. From June to November each year Coral Bay Adventures can take you on a beautiful journey to observe the Humpback Whales as they pass on their annual breeding migration. Coral Bay is a unique place to observe the Whales as they pass close to the coast both on their journey north to breed and when travelling south with their calves.

World fishing bans on the Humbpacks have resulted in annual increases in the number of them being sited each year. Our Whale watching vessel is equipped with a state of the art Hydrophone that can be used to hear the gentle sounds of the "whale song". You will also visist the turtle sanctuary and look for dolphins and dugong. During lunch a snorkel is offered to those who wish to snorkel over coral gardens made up of a variety of hard coral formations and fish life.

Soft drinks, tea and coffee, snorkelling equipment and wetsuits are included in the price. Be mezmorized by the beauty of the Humpback Whales as you watch them frolic in the ocean on this magical tour.

Coral Viewing – Sub Sea Explorer

The Sub Sea Explorer is the latest design in glass-bottom boat coral viewing. Seated beneath the surface, protected from the wind and sun you enjoy a snorkellers three dimensional view of the underwater gardens surrounding Coral Bay. Tropical fish inhabit the reef with sightings of turtles too. A well researched commentary is offered educating you on the marine world and the inhabitants that you may see.

Fish feeding of Coral Bay’s famous North West Snapper is also included in the tour. Several one hour cruises depart daily with an extened two hour cruise available inclusive of snorkelling.

Visit the fascinating world of the Ningaloo Reef without "getting wet"!

Reef Scuba Dives

This half day tour takes qualified scuba divers to two dive sites located near Coral Bay. Ningaloo is home to over 220 different varieties of corals and 500 species of fish life. Coral Bay Adventures "Reef Scuba Dives" offer the perfect opportunity for qualified scuba divers to dive and experience the marine enviornment of Ningaloo. A qualified dive master guides your dives in which you will seed hard coral formations with an array of tropical reef fish, rays, turltes and sharks.

Dive groups are no more than six people. Light snacks and scuba equipment is included in the price.

An excellant opportunity for underwater photography and interacting with the underwater world of the Ningaloo Reef Marine Park.

Snorkel with the Whalesharks

A full day snorkelling experience with the amazing whalesharks. The whalesharks are the biggest fish in the world and visit the Ningaloo Reef every year from the end of March to the middle of June. Whilst the plane is searching for the whalesharks you will cruise the waters of Ningaloo and search for dolphins, dugong, rays, sea birds and visit the turtle sanctuary. Snorkelling on the outer reef at some lovely coral sites with an array of tropical fish is also offered during the day. A cold buffet lunch, morning and afternoon tea and soft drinks are included. A wetsuit and snorkelling equipment is also supplied. A videographer is also on board to capture your special day on dvd. This tour is for people who are confident in the water and have snorkelled before. Observors are also welcome at a discounted price. This is the adventure of a lifetime…

Wildlife Adventure

This fantastic day tour takes you on a cruise of the stunning waters of Ningaloo Reef in search of Manta Rays, Turtles, Dolphins, Dugong and Humpback Whales (seasonal). A spotter aeroplane will search for different marine life and direct the boat to interact with it. You will also visit some beautiful snorkel sites where you will see amazing hard coral formations inhabited with tropical reef fish.

The great Coral Bay Adventures team will make your day both memoriable and special. A company swimmer/guide is in the water with you and a safety zodiac is availble if required.

A delicous cold buffet lunch is served, with soft drinks, morning and afternoon tea also included. Snorkelling equipment and wetsuits are also supplied free of charge.

This tour is suited to snorkellers and an observor price is also offered. Join this tour for an action packed day of wonder with the plentiful marine environment surrounding Coral Bay.

Swim with the Manta Rays

Learmonth Airport to Coral Bay transfers

Coral Bay Adventures offers a transfer service between Learmonth airport (Exmouth) and Coral Bay. The airport is 120kms from Coral Bay. The service does need to be booked in advance as only planes with bookings are met. Skywest Airlines fly daily from Perth to Learmonth and from April – September they have 2 flights a week from Broome to Learmonth. Transfer time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Unfortunately due to a lot of animal life on the road between Learmonth and Coral Bay, Coral Bay Adventures is unable to offer this service for flights landing later than 6.30pm.


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