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Beyond Noosa’s Great Escapes

Long golden beaches, rocky headlands, high forested dunes, dramatic coloured sand cliffs, dark waterways and broad lakes, these spectacular features make up the Cooloola Section of the Great Sandy National Park, the largest sand mass in the world.

The spectacular Cooloola Coast stretches 65 kilometres from Noosa to Fraser Island. Cooloola’s 56,600 hectare park is a refuge for plants, animals and birds including many endemic and endangered species and offers a diversity of natural landscapes. It is a remarkable ecological treasure evolved from sand washed north from the river systems of New South Wales over millions of years.

Great Sandy’s sheltered calm waters, shifting patterns of mangroves, seagrass, sandbanks and mud islands, and its unusual ancient swamplands known as patterned fens, are exceptionally important. These are feeding grounds for migratory shorebirds and home to several rare and threatened species: sea turtles, dugong and inshore dolphins to the lesser known mangrove-dwelling butterflies and false water rats.

‘Beyond’ invites you on a journey to experience this stunning National Park.

Touring Options

Noosa River and Everglades Cruise

This Cruise is a journey of the beautiful Noosa River and Lakes and the magical Everglades. Cruise the tranquil and unspoilt waterways whilst you enjoy and photograph the scenery aboard the Cooloola Queen. A barbecue lunch is catered for at Harry’s Hut picnic site with a superb selection of meat, fish, fresh salads, crusty bread and a glass of wine.

This cruise departs Noosa Harbour Marine Village at 8.30am and returns approx 3.30pm

Noosa Everglades Cruise and Coloured Sands Safari

The Everglades Cruise and Coloured Sands Safari offers all the experiences of the Everglades Cruise plus more! On safari you will enjoy the natural rainforest, bushland and eucalyptus forest, the Carlo Sandblow, Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point, the Cherry Venture shipwreck, Red Canyon and marvel at the renowned Coloured Sand Cliffs. Afternoon tea is served on the beach before continuing back to Noosa along the 40 mile beach. Departs from the company jetty at 0830 and returns approximately 1630. Due to tidal conditions this safari may operate in reverse.

Half Day Noosa River and Everglades Cruise

A major feature of the 55,000 hectare Great Sandy National Park is the Noosa River with associated tributaries, lakes and wetlands. Experience the magnificent reflections mirrored in the dark tranquil waters of the upper Noosa River, know as the Everglades.

The specially designed all weather boats cruise at 26 knots across the lakes, then coast along at 6 knots within the Everglades. The boats have comfortable padded seats and large viewing windows.


Popular Activities

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