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Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris

Gawler Ranges Wilderness Safaris operate four wheel drive vehicle outback camping tours visiting South Australia’s west coast, Gawler Ranges, Lake Gairdner, Nullarbor Plains whale watching, wildlife, inland salt lakes and much more.

Let experienced guides share this amazing region with you – the glittering colours of the salt lakes and volcanic rock beds, rich sunsets over the ranges, the abundant variety of kangaroos and other wildlife including swimming with sea-lions – and so much more. This safari shows you just some of the breadth of Australia, its many tints and textures.

Touring Options

Sealion Encounter 2 Day Tour – GRWS03

Visit Lake Gairdner, a vast salt lake in the middle of the South Australian outback. Observe Bottlenose Dolphins riding the bow wave of the MV Investigator and interact with a colony of rare Australian Sea Lions.

. Day One – Depart Adelaide Airport, arriving in Whyalla at approximately 0950. Be met by your tour leader. Travel through the outback to Lake Gairdner, witness a piece of Antarctica, with its glistening white salt pan dropped in the middle of a red landscape. See emus and kangaroos. In the evening enjoy a bush barbecue dinner. Overnight accommodation at Kangaluna Camp, lunch and dinner are included.

. Day Two – Travel to Tyringa Beach, follow the spectacular coastline to Baird Bay to board the MV Investigator for an unforgettable wildlife experience. On the five-kilometre journey to Cape Radstock (at 160 metres, it is one of the highest shear points on the southern coast of Australia) watch the Bottlenose Dolphins ride the bow wave of the boat. You can join these magnificent mammals in the shallow water if you wish. Cross the bay to visit a resident colony of rare Australian Sea Lions and experience playing face to face with these agile and friendly mammals wading in protected shallow lagoons. After lunch, visit coastal villages and enjoy magnificent scenery on the way to Ceduna. Depart for Adelaide. Breakfast and lunch are included.

. Operates:
. Mondays, departure times on application.

Whale Watching 2 Day Tour – GRWS04

The spectacular Bunda Cliffs at the head of the Great Australian Bight provide our grandstand view of the Southern Right Whales. Sixty whales on average make their way to the Head of the Bight between May and October each year. This wildlife safari will give you the chance to observe and learn a part of the lives of these beautiful, endangered mammals.

. Day One – Be met at Ceduna Airport and travel along the Eyre Highway to Penong. Arrive at the extraordinary Nullarbor Plain and then drive on for some absolutely breathtaking views of the Bunda Cliffs, which overlook the whales. Here we will spend hours just watching, photographing and learning about the Southern Right Whale. Why they return every year to the Head of the Bight, how to identify them and how to understand what they are doing and why. Enjoy a typically Australian bush banquet – cooked over an open fire or in a camp oven. In the evening, leave the cliff line to look for some of Australia’s nocturnal wildlife and return to the Nullarbor Motel.

. Day Two – Begins with a very different view of the great plain, the Nullarbor (no trees), this time underground. There are several easy to access fascinating caves in the area where Aboriginal hand print art, ancient fossils, flora and fauna can be seen. Then spend some more time whale watching. By mid afternoon leave our great gentle giants to begin return journey, stopping at Yalata for a chance to buy genuine Aboriginal artefacts before leaving the Nullarbor. Return via Fowlers Bay with its ever-changing white sand hills, rustic jetty and historic buildings. Arrive back in Ceduna in time for return air flight to Adelaide.

. June to September, departure dates on application.

Sealion and Outback experience 3 day tour – GRWS05

From breathtaking coastal scenery, prolific wildlife and the unexpected beauty of the Outback, this trip is rich with breathtaking experiences. Swimming with the sea lions is an encounter that will stay with you forever. Travelling by 4WD in a small group, this is an authentic and intimate journey to Australia’s unique landscapes and wildlife

Day one – Port Lincoln to Gawler Ranges
From Port Lincoln, we travel through farming land into the outback to Wudinna, gateway to the stunning Gawler Ranges National Park. We traverse low bush-covered dunes as we travel to Mt Sturt and Corribinnie Depression. We learn how Aboriginal people used this land, and how European settlers tried to tame it. In the afternoon we drive to Lake Gardiner, a mesmerising salt lake set in the red landscape. We’ll see emus and kangaroos as we drive to our private luxury tented camp. After a bush dinner we take a drive to spot Wombats and other nocturnal wildlife.
Overnight Kangaroo Camp in Gawler Ranges National Park

Day two – Gawler Ranges to Venus Bay
Mornings are leisurely and allow plenty of time to look for some of the 146 species of birds recorded here. Today we see the nests of wedge tailed eagles, and cigar shaped volcanic rock formations 1500 million years old, including the magnificent Organ Pipes amphitheatre. In the afternoon we travel to the spectacular coast of Eyre Peninsula and stop at Venus Bay. We walk the south headland and watch the dolphins play in the bay.
Overnight Venus Bay in a beach house. Dinner at a small country hotel

Day three – Baird Bay – swimming with sea lions and dolphins
This morning we board MV Investigator for one of the world’s most special wildlife experiences. Bottlenose dolphins ride the bow wave of the boat, and we join these magnificient mammals in shallow water. We visit a resident colony of rare Australian sea lions and play face to face with these agile and friendly mammals as we wade or swim in protected shallow lagoons. After lunch we enjoy magnificient coastal scenery before arriving at Port Lincoln
Overnight Marina Hotel and Suites, Port Lincoln

Day four – Port Lincoln
Enjoy a day at your leisure.

Outback Contrasts 4 Day Tour – GRWS01

Outback contrasts – Gawler Ranges, wildlife and inland salt lakes four day camping tour. Experience and enjoy the solitude of the outback, its diverse vegetation, the colours of spring flowers (in season), some of 146 species of birds, outback animals, the workings of a pastoral property, hiking into gorges (as much or as little to meet passengers requirements), sheep shearing teams in action (when possible), Wudinna Rock, Corrobinnie Depression (old exposed river and salt lake system), Mount Sturt, Organ Pipes amphitheatre and spectacular Lake Gairdner.

. Day One – Wudinna to Gawler Ranges National Park – Visit Wudinna Rock, a large granite monolith rising 200 metres above the surrounding plain. Experience some driving adventure as we track through low bush covered dunes past Mount Sturt and the Corrobinnie Depression. Learn as we go how the Aboriginal peoples and early pioneers survived in the outback, as we pass through fascinating landscapes hosting prolific wildlife.

. Day Two – Lake Gairdner – Leave our base camp and again experience some driving adventure as we pass through beautiful valleys and gorges to Lake Gairdner which when dry looks like a piece of Antarctica in the midst of a red desert. The lake is 160 kilometres long and is the third largest salt lake in Australia. This is one of the most spectacular features in the Australian landscape, wrote Stephen Hack the explorer who discovered it. On our route to our campsite we will see evening wildlife.

. Day Three – Organ Pipes to Kolay Hut – Mornings are leisurely and allow plenty of time to walk through the bush looking for some of the 146 species of birds recorded here. Today we will see Wedge Tailed Eagles nests, cigar shaped volcanic rock formations 1,500 million years old, and the magnificent Organ Pipes amphitheatre. Visit old Paney Station, walk in the gorges and Police Well and finish the day with an evening drive through Coolgundabie Valley back to camp.

. Day Four – Kolay Hut to Wudinna – This morning we drive to Nukey Valley a short distance away to climb the bluff where we discover some Aboriginal history. You will see water markers, artefacts, gnamma holes which are used to protect and preserve water and other features of past survival in this harsh land. During summer months, wildlife also is highlight on the bluff, as animals come to drink at the reliable springs on the hills. We experience the exciting drive along Boundary Gorge and take in its beauty in various spots as we wind our way back to camp for a late lunch. Pack camp and make our way to Wudinna to connect with your transport.

. Operates:
. Mondays, March to November, departure times on application.



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