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Cooper Creek Wilderness Daintree Rainforest Tours

Cooper Creek Wilderness takes exclusive tours through the sacred heart of the world’s oldest rainforest, the Daintree Rainforest, Cape Tribulation, Queensland, Australia.

Cooper Creek Wilderness is a privately owned World Heritage Nature Refuge. Knowledgeable local experts guide small exclusive groups through outstanding rainforest.

All walks are on natural trails that traverse a variety of forest types including magnificent fan palm galleries that are incomparable. There are no boardwalks or intrusion of other people to spoil the natural values. This is nature at its best.

In the Daintree, mass tourism uses public facilities that by necessity separate the visitor form the forest with man-made structures such as boardwalks. Don’t accept this mediocrity. Seek out the best and exclusive rainforest experiences with Cooper Creek Wilderness and find out from experts why the Daintree is considered the world’s oldest rainforest.

Cooper Creek Wilderness specialises in guided interpreted day and night tours. Generally walks are two hours in duration; however times can be varied through private charter at reasonable rates.

Self driving to Cooper Creek Wilderness is recommended and the combination package of day and night walks includes a swim and evening meal. The Cooper Creek wilderness Experience plus Night walk combination is the ultimate eco-tourism package.

All of the walks and tours are ecologically sustainable. Your payments contribute to the management and conservation of the sacred heart of the Daintree Rainforest.

Cooper Creek Wilderness has four advance eco-tourism accreditations and offers genuine eco-tourism that supports the environment and the local community.

Touring Options

Cooper Creek Wilderness Experience

This is a six hour day tour that leaves time to explore the area. Self drive from Port Douglas, Cairns or Cape Tribulation to Cooper Creek Wilderness and leave your car. We chauffeur you to each activity to show you the best of the Daintree.

You do a two hour guided interpreted walk through magnificent fan palm forest, a one hour cruise on Cooper Creek, the world’s richest mangrove system, dine at the rainforest restaurant, then swim in the blue water of Cooper Creek Wilderness.

Courtesy transfers arranged with Cape Tribulation resorts. Two starting times available: 9.00am and 11.15am.

Guided Interpreted Day Walks

If you are keen to see genuine pristine rainforest, then come to Cooper Creek Wilderness in the heart of the 135 million year old Daintree.

Walks are two hours in duration, interpreted to a high level that explains the diversity and inter-relationships.

Groups are exclusive on natural walking trails through magnificent complex rainforest.

Guides are local experts who share their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Finish the walk swim in a sparkling clear rainforest creek, weather permitting.

Guided Interpreted Night Walks

Nocturnal walks take you deep into the heart of the world’s oldest rainforest where the biodiversity is richest.

Walks are two hours in duration, interpreted to a high level that explains the diversity and inter-relationships.

Groups are exclusive on natural walking trails through magnificent complex rainforest.

Guides are local experts who have gained extensive experience through living in the rainforest and know the most likely times and places to find the wildlife.

A day and night combination contrast the nocturnal sounds and movements against the breathtaking beauty of the day walk.


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