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A Whitsunday Luxury Sailing Holiday

Explore the magnificent Whitsunday Islands aboard “Sydney Sundancer”, a luxury sailing yacht, or ‘floating home’ according to the friendly owners Lynne and John Boyce who share their 20 years experience personally guiding you to the very best the region has to offer. Take the wheel to experience true ‘big boat’ sailing on the Whitsunday’s wonderful waterways.

During the dry season ‘Down Under’ (July to October), sail the tropics allowing you to take advantage of the unique permit issued by The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority enabling access all areas (except special management and preservation zones) of the ‘World Heritage’ Marine Park.

Each expedition is personally guided, so together everyone enjoys the wonders of nature in the World Heritage wilderness, both above and below the water. Guests gain a full appreciation for the beauty of the Australian native landscape on exploration of deserted Islands. At low tide, Lynne leads expeditions on the drying reef, sharing 30 years of conchological knowledge and experience. Being snorkellers and Scuba divers, Lynne and John take pleasure in guiding guests to the best locations to experience close encounters with the colourful corals and friendly fish. An extensive inventory of ‘play toys’ includes a new glass bottomed dive tender (aptly named Sundance Kid!).

Sydney Sundancer, (licensed to sleep 12 guests plus crew) is often likened to a ‘floating five star hotel’. The meals you enjoy during your holiday will exceed expectation and surpass much of what is served in well-known Australian restaurants.

John and Lynne enthusiastically share their vast knowledge and years of experience ensuring guest’s satisfaction is guaranteed and their hopes and expectations for their holiday of a lifetime are exceeded!

Please note that tariffs may increase if you choose to lengthen the duration of your tour.

Touring Options

Heavenly Honeymoons

Your romantic honeymoon in the Whitsunday’s will make your dreams come true. Sydney Sundancer has so much deck space where just the two of you can relax that you may feel you are the only guests aboard. John and Lynne will even take you to secluded beaches where you can enjoy a private picnic and swimming. By participating in any of the activities shown in other sections, your honeymoon can be as active as you wish or you can simply lay back and savour a cocktail as a gentle breeze glides your ‘floating honeymoon hotel’ on the crystal clear waterways.

Sailors Sojourn

With roller furling sails, the sailing is easily managed by the crew, but guests are welcome to take the helm, to sail the yacht. Many experienced sailors have enjoyed the sheer pleasure of cruising the area and "skippering" the yacht, secure in the knowledge that the Captain knows the location of all the reefs, so they can enjoy the sailing while being relieved of the responsibility. Your Captain will, of course, be pleased to instruct on the finer points of sailing and many novices (at the beginning) conclude their holiday with confidence and assurance in their newly found ability.

Family Fun

The policy with children under 18 years of age is that, when welcoming families aboard, the family must charter the whole yacht – it would be unfair to ask others to appreciate your loved ones (as you do). There is so much variety in each days activity, that children rarely get bored. An aspect of the holiday is often overloooked is the shared learning experience of the wonders of nature. Whole families can learn more about their daily discoveries from the huge reference library aboard featuring all marine life of the eighth wonder of the world.

Great Golfing Cruise

Play a round or two at Laguna Quays (where champions compete for the skins) and other golf courses on various islands in the Whitsunday’s. Combine two great sports, relax and sail between each magnificent location. On Island courses you will enjoy spectacular views from the green and fairway while at Laguna Quays you will be challenged just like champions Greg Norman and Carrie Webb together with a host of other world champions. This tour is only available as a private charter. Green fees, mooring charges, land based meals and alternative transport (required in adverse weather conditions) are not included.

Budget Dollar Saver

They have introduced a "Special Budget Package": a discount of AUD50.00 per person per day off the full service prices (where you literally enjoy ‘waiter service’ all day) in return for help with the washing up and general shipboard chores. This Budget Package still incorporates all chef prepared gourmet meals but the discount is only available when you relieve Lynne and John of all ‘after meal’ activities. This is just like fully participating in general shipboard life and allows anyone taking advantage of the discount to participate as crew.

Fabulous Fishing

The Whitsunday waterways are home to such a diverse variety of marine life that the fishing will excite the experts. While some areas are fish sanctuaries where fishing is prohibited, John knows all the best spots for angling so your fishing ability combined with Lynne’s creative flair in the galley will ensure many memorable meals. The photographic proof will guarantee your fishing stories remain unchallenged and the envy of fishing friends. Dedicated fishing cruises are only available as a private charter.

Spectacular Snorkelling and Scuba

A trip to the Outer Great Barrier Reef, where scuba divers and snorkellers can enjoy spectacular corals and other marine life that make up the world’s largest living natural formation, is a highlight of the holiday. In the crystal clear water guests can become one with nature while enjoying the excitement of discovering a whole new underwater world.

The four point three metre "glass-bottomed" catamaran dive tender not only enables "non swimming" guests to view the magnificent fish and corals without getting wet but it also has a special ladder enabling snorkellers and Scuba divers easy access from the water.

Exciting Ecological Encounter

This is your chance to get ‘up close and personal’ with huge humpback whales and delightful dolphins. By restricting the tours to the tropical dry season, this means a high probability of a close encounter with the giants of the sea because the huge humpback whales migrate to the Whitsunday’s each year to give birth to their young during the months of July to September.

You may be able to capture (on film) a whale leaping from the water, a dolphin dancing at the bow or a turtle gliding by, as you sail effortlessly over crystal clear calm seas.

Delicious Dining

The American gourmet food and wine magazine "Bon Appetit" has written to Lynne, requesting one of her recipes for publication in the United States of America, so you can be assured that meals you enjoy aboard will exceed your expectations. Culinary delights including uniquely Australian dishes as well as fresh seafood (naturally caught by the anglers resident on board), combined with other tropical delicacies and complimented by an extensive range of quality and award winning Australian Wines will delight the connoisseur. Full instruction and recipes are included free of charge for interested guests.

Frolic With The Fish

A trip to the Outer Great Barrier Reef, where scuba divers and snorkellers enjoy spectacular corals and other marine life that make up the world’s largest living natural formation is a highlight of the holiday. In the crystal clear water guests can become one with nature while enjoying the excitement of discovering a whole new underwater world. The four point three metre ‘glass bottomed’ catamaran dive tender not only enables ‘non swimming’ guests to view the magnificent fish and corals without getting wet but it also has a special ladder enabling snorkellers and scuba divers easy access from the water.

Wonderful Wildlife Island Excursions

Lynne and John will guide you to places of rare natural beauty and ancient aboriginal caves complete with paintings predating Captain Cook’s discovery in 1770. Most Whitsunday Islands are national parks so remain unchanged since discovery and, therefore, abound native flora and fauna. They were previously part of mainland Australia but became separated when the sea rose following the last ice age, so you can appreciate much of the Australian ‘wilderness experience’ on these personally guided tours. Most islands have beautiful sandy beaches located at the head of tree lined bays offering smooth, calm anchorages no matter what winds prevail.


Popular Activities

  • Bush Walking
  • Canoeing
  • Cruising
  • Scuba-Diving
  • Fossicking
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Snorkelling
  • Swimming
  • Adventure
  • Beach
  • Cruising
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Golfing
  • National Park
  • Reef
  • Wilderness
  • Wildlife
  • World Heritage

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