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Skydive Ramblers

Come experience the adrenalin rush of skydiving and parachuting with Skydive Ramblers. As you embrace these thrilling, gravity-powered activities with Skydive Ramblers, you’ll enjoy spectacular coastal and hinterland sights plummeting to the ground at exhilerating speeds.

You have the choice of two Drop Zones: Coolum Beach on the breathtaking Sunshine Coast or Toogoolawah in the picturesque Brisbane Valley of the Lakes. Both Drop Zones are located just over one hour from Brisbane and offer spectacular 360-degree panoramic views. Now imagine this: as you’re strapped securely and comfortably to your tandem master, open the door into the exclusive world of skydiving and launch into 14,000 feet of awesome, unbelievable freefall. Then fly like a bird under a parachute built for two, taking in unique and breathtaking views.

Ramblers has been an established School of Skydiving for over 30 years and has a dedicated staff and highly qualified team of professional instructors who are eager to share their vast experience with you to ‘get your knees in the breeze’. Ramblers embrace the entire sport of skydiving and invite you to choose how, when and where you would like them to get you started.

Ramblers boasts both qualified and experienced instructors who are keen to help you gain the skills you will need to ease your way into this unique and fascinating sport. To complete a tandem skydive with Ramblers you must be at least 14 years (14 to 18 require parental/guardian authority), of average health and fitness and weigh under 100 kilograms. Ramblers take pride in professionally coaching beginners but select from the Skydiving Instructional Packages offered to find that suits your needs.

Come and find out why Skydive Ramblers are ‘Famous for Fun’.

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Touring Options

Tandem Skydives – Toogoolawah

Tandem jumps at the Ramblers drop zone, Toogoolawah in the picturesque Brisbane Valley of the Lakes.

Jump from 14,000 feet and freefall for one minute strapped securely and comfortably to your instructor. After the parachute has opened enjoy the view of lakes and mountains. After you land at the Ramblers custom built skydivers drop zone, stay and enjoy the facilities including the pool, barbecue and licensed bar. On weekends you are even invited to stay overnight (free accommodation in the Club bunkhouse) and enjoy the smorgasbord dinner, bonfire and party. You’ll be amongst friends and be made to feel welcome.

Tandem Skydives – Coolum Beach

Tandem jumps into the sand at Coolum Beach on the spectacular Sunshine Coast.

Jump from up to 14,000 feet and freefall for up to one minute strapped securely and comfortably to your instructor. After the parachute has opened enjoy the view of the most beautiful coastline in the world as you fly around like a bird, and then descend for the softest landing on the sands of Coolum Beach. After the jump enjoy the atmosphere of the Coolum Beach Hotel where they have their office where they show the video of your whole skydiving experience.

Learning To Skydive At Ramblers

Learn to skydive at Ramblers drop zone at Toogoolawah.

Choose from one of the internationally accredited Skydiving Course Packages. Choose from one day to ten day packages.

All courses include – coaching from qualified instructors, state of the art equipment, all jumps from 14,000 feet including a 60 second freefall and free Clubhouse accommodation.

The 20 jump Addiction Package includes video coverage of all Course jumps, photos, upgraded accommodation, international A licence, packing qualification and much more.

Activites and Experiences at Skydive Ramblers

  • Learning/Lessons/Tuition
  • Skydiving
  • Sports Participate
  • Sports Viewing
  • Direct
  • Inbound
  • Retail
  • Car park
  • Checkin Desk
  • Public Transport
  • Public phone
  • Public toilet
  • Waiting Area
  • Active
  • Adventure
  • Beach
  • Educational
  • Soft Adventure
  • Sport
  • RTN, QH and National Distributors (TQ)
  • 18-35’s
  • Adult Getaway
  • Backpacking/Unstructured
  • Budget
  • Business/Trade/Corporate
  • Disabled
  • Empty Nesters
  • Family
  • Gay and Lesbian
  • Group
  • Luxury
  • Meetings Incentive Conventions
  • Senior
  • Single
  • Brisbane Marketing

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