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Hang-glide tandem flights with Tony Armstrong. 25 years experience in Stanwell Park, Bald Hill. Australia’s – most experienced hang glider.

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Bald Hill, Stanwell Park is the primary site used and undoubtedly one of the premier coastal flying sites in the world, located just 1 hour south of Sydney. We are able to utilise this site when the winds are from the south/southeast. The site is about 500 feet high above the sea level, providing spectacular ocean views with the Royal National Park to the north and the escarpment and to the south. All our equipment undergoes regular and stringent safety checks. On the hill your instructor will assist you through paperwork, a briefing and a harness check. Take off with a few easy steps and once in the air your legs are securely placed in the harness do that your body is entirely enclosed. The fight will last for approximately 30 minutes, during which time you will learn how easy it is to fly, and enjoy the exhileration of soaring with a magnificent birds-eye view of the ocean and the Royal National Park.

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