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Rosegreen Station, Cloncurry

Welcome to Rosegreen Station. Larner, Judith and their daughters (aged nine and seven years) would enjoy showing you their part of North West Queensland. They live 90 kilometres north of Cloncurry and 14 kilometres east of the Matilda Highway.

Rosegreen Station offers you station tours past cattle feeding or resting through the heat of the day at water. Humphrey, their pet bullock, is glad to swap a handful of hay for a photo or a pat. He shares 65,000 acres of open Mitchell grass plains and timbered red soil country with about 2,500 mates. Mustering takes place during winter and guests are welcome to watch.

Average rainfall is about 24 inches during October to April. Most guests visit in winter, which is usually dry, cool and often windy. Wet season visitors are welcome and helicopter tours are available.

Near the bore in a dry creek bed are limestone rocks teaming with fossilized belemnites and broken bits of life from an era past.

Next you come to two wedge tail eagle nests where around August a chick may be visible. Dusk and dawn spent quietly at a dam or on the veranda by the pond is parade time for thirsty birds, kangaroos, wallabies and the odd lizard.

Rosegreen is a release point for orphaned hand-reared kangaroos and wallabies when they are old enough to return to their natural environment.

Photograph the sunset or help feed the calves, dogs, kangaroos, corella or chickens before the day is retold and question time had over a drink in the garden. The homestead was built in 1937 and provides a rustic setting for dinner with Larner, Judith, Whitney, Maddison and the staff.

Whether you come for a day or stay for a week they look forward to your visit and to hearing your story.

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Activites and Experiences at Rosegreen Station

  • Off Road Driving
  • Birdwatching
  • Bushwalking
  • Camping
  • Farm/Station activity
  • Flora
  • Game Playing
  • Spotlighting
  • Walking
  • Direct
  • Inbound
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Car park
  • High Chair
  • Iron
  • Laundry
  • Non Smoking Establishment
  • Playground
  • Active
  • Adventure
  • Aussie Lifestyle
  • Rural/Country
  • Educational
  • Environmental
  • Farm/Station
  • Homestay
  • Nature based
  • Off road
  • Outback
  • Relaxation
  • Remote
  • Soft Adventure
  • Wilderness
  • RTN, QH and National Distributors (TQ)
  • 18-35’s
  • Adult Getaway
  • Backpacking/Unstructured
  • Budget
  • Empty Nesters
  • Family
  • Self-Drive
  • Senior
  • Single
  • Outback Queensland Tourism
  • Cheques By Arrangement
  • Cash
  • Not Available

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