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Opal Air Pty Ltd

Opal Air Pty Ltd is locally owned and operated by an experienced outback pilot and opal miner. A unique look at spectacular ancient and recent man made landscapes. The South Australian Outback by air is breathtaking, spectacular and like no other place on the planet. To experience this by motor vehicle would take days. Truly one of the great air tours, this is an opportunity not be missed.

Touring Options

Painted Desert 90 Minute Scenic Flight – SF3

This Painted Desert tour comes highly recommended as it follows the ancient coastline of the Eromanga Sea for 200 kilometres. North of Coober Pedy the Moon Plain is aptly name as it stretches out of the Breakaways for the early part of the trip. The meandering dry creek beds make patterns towards the desert and highlight the colourful jagged mesa tops of the Painted Desert to create spectacular contrast. Along the Arckaringa Creek, many difficult to access areas are visible. To view such places representing prehistoric Tertiary times with the speed, comfort and convenience of our aircraft is a worthwhile experience. This is an extension of the Breakaways tour. The Painted Desert is more jagged, rugged and vivid with outback colours.

We can also include a visit to Oodnadatta as an addition to this flight for only AUD40.00 extra per person. If Oodnadatta visit is included, as we recommend, there is time at leisure to visit the Old Ghan Rail Museum, and time for lunch or a snack in The Pink Roadhouse, with the pilot on standby with local information, ready to return to Coober Pedy a couple of hours later.

. Operates:
. Departs Coober Pedy, by arrangement weather permitting.

Dalhousie Springs Day Tour SF4

Enjoy the warm thermal waters that fell as rain on the east coast of Australia a million years ago. On the edge of the Simpson Desert, this oasis complete with date palms is part of the Witjira National Park. Relax, float and swim in the larger springs covering about a hectare. A stop in Oodnadatta makes this almost a full day tour.

. Operates:
. Departs Coober Pedy, by arrangement weather permitting.

Lake Eyre Half Day Tour SF5

Fly over the beautiful Davenport Ranges, then onwards to Lake Eyre North once thought by explorers to be a great inland sea. In times of flooding rain the lake fills and overflows the Warburton Groove attracting hundreds of pelicans and other bird life from all over Australia. The flight includes Hughes Island, a protected pelican breeding ground and Belt Bay, which has the lowest geographical point in Australia. We land at William Creek to enjoy a cold beer, wine or snack from the famous Outback Pub or Whitey’s Store. Departing William Creek we head west over Anna Creek, the world’s largest cattle station. Belonging to the late Sir Sidney Kidman, ‘The Cattle King’, it is said to be bigger than Belgium. On returning to Coober Pedy we pass over Lake Cadibarrawirracanna, which is Australia’s longest place name.

. Operates:
. Departs Coober Pedy, by arrangement weather permitting.

Opal Fields and Township 20 Minute Scenic Flight – SF1

Fly over the township of Coober Pedy and see the ‘lunar like’ opal mining landscape created in the remote expanse of the South Australian Outback. Fantastic photographic opportunities with this flight when underground homes and local features are pointed out by the resident pilot.

. Operates:
. Departs Coober Pedy, by arrangement weather permitting.

Breakaways 30 Minute Scenic Flight – SF2

The Breakaways are the escarpment of the ancient inland sea, and can be seen anytime but are best experienced at sunset with their amazing sandstone colours from white to various shades of yellow and red ochre. The Moon Plain stretches out of the Breakaways north of Coober Pedy and was the Eromanga Sea in the Tertiary Period. This flight also views part of the 5500 kilometre Dog Fence. This area is a reserve and has been used for numerous films (Mad Max, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Ground Zero and Pitch Black). At sunset the colours are spectacular in shades of yellow, red to purple. The Opal fields appear distinctively on the return to Coober Pedy, as does the township in this remote area.

. Operates:
. Departs Coober Pedy, by arrangement weather permitting.



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