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Newport Beach, NSW

Newport Beach, located to the north of Mona Vale and south of Bilgola Beach, approximately 40 minutes from Sydney’s CBD is a charming seaside haven that beckons visitors with its pristine shores, exquisite sunsets, and a vibrant coastal culture that is quintessentially Australian.

Known For:

  • A laid-back beachside village
  • scenic views, great swimming and surfing

Newport Beach, NSW Australia

Embraced by the vastness of the Pacific Ocean on one side and lush green hills on the other, this coastal retreat offers a symphony of sensations that captivate the senses and leave an indelible mark on every traveler’s heart.

As the sun gently ascends the horizon, Newport Beach stirs from its slumber, welcoming early risers with a warm embrace. With the refreshing scent of salty air enveloping the senses, one cannot resist the allure of a morning stroll along the shore. The soft sand beneath the feet and the gentle rhythm of waves create a rhythm of their own, easing the soul into a state of serene contemplation.

Things To Do

But it is not just the beaches that define Newport’s allure. The rich tapestry of the local community is an essential part of the experience. Wander along the Newport’s vibrant boulevards, and you will discover an array of quirky boutiques, surf shops, and cozy cafes, each exuding the distinct coastal charm that characterizes this corner of New South Wales.

Surf culture is deeply ingrained in the area’s DNA, and you can’t help but be drawn to the bronzed surfers riding the waves with seemingly effortless grace.

For those seeking more profound insights into Newport’s history and culture, a visit to the local Newport Historical Society is a must. Here, you’ll uncover the tales of the area’s maritime past, its indigenous heritage, and how a once sleepy fishing village blossomed into the sophisticated coastal retreat we see today.

rock pool at Newport Beach, NSW

As the sun arcs higher in the sky, the beach transforms into a vibrant canvas for recreational activities. Surfing, undoubtedly the favorite pastime here, attracts beginners and seasoned wave-riders alike. Fear not if you’re not yet a pro; there are plenty of surf schools ready to transform you into a bona fide surfer. For the land-lovers, there are stunning coastal walks that reward with panoramic views of the ocean, and the more adventurous can explore the nearby bushland that invites hikers with its verdant beauty.

Across the peninsula, Pittwater offers an enchanting aquatic playground that invites both residents and tourists to indulge in its serene ambiance. The calm expanse of this water body is ideal for stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and boating.

If the idea of an overnight adventure appeals to you, consider renting a houseboat. For those who dream of the luxury of a yacht, Sailing Pittwater extends both bare boat and skippered day charters, allowing you to soak in the picturesque surroundings in style.

For eco-conscious enthusiasts keen on treading lightly upon the environment, Pittwater Eco Adventures is your go-to. Beyond offering kayak and SUP rentals, they also encourage a holistic connection with nature through activities like snorkeling, yoga, and mindfulness sessions. Moreover, the organization facilitates bushwalks and imparts valuable knowledge about the local land. In alignment with their commitment to preserving the environment, they champion initiatives like clean-ups, bush regeneration, and native tree planting. Furthermore, participants are welcomed to delve into the rich tapestry of Aboriginal culture and heritage education.

For a more personalized SUP experience, Tony from Avalon Stand Up Paddle is your guide. With his expertise, you’ll be gliding over the tranquil waters of Pittwater in no time.

For aficionados of inshore sailing or motor cruising, a visit to the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club or Royal Motor Yacht Club is a must. Located on the scenic Pittwater, these clubs also act as gateways to the mesmerizing Broken Bay and Hawkesbury River. While you’re there, take advantage of the waterfront restaurants, relishing gourmet meals with breathtaking views. Engage in lively conversations at the bar with local sailors. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might even get the chance to crew on a yacht during their weekly twilight or weekend races. It’s an experience that embodies the true essence of Pittwater’s nautical spirit.

Where To Eat

When it’s time to satiate your appetite, Newport’s culinary scene impresses with its abundance of fresh seafood and international delights. Savor the catch of the day at one of the waterfront restaurants or indulge in a hearty brunch at a trendy cafe while soaking in the mesmerizing ocean views.

Newport teems with chic cafés, many adorned with quaint shop windows and secluded garden courtyards. Contemporary restaurants here pride themselves on offering the freshest seafood, complemented by globally acclaimed wine selections. Whether you’re in beach attire or dressed to the nines, Newport embraces all.

For those in search of exceptional coffee, Zubi’s Bar, Rukus Café, and Ma Baker & Co are top picks. For a refreshing treat, Cocoa Bar’s gelato is unbeatable. Robertson Road is a treasure trove of culinary delights, with highlights including Oven Loven Pizzeria and Le Petit Mache.

The Newport, with its prime waterfront setting and mesmerizing views of Pittwater, stands out as an idyllic spot to relish a sunny afternoon. Its expansive deck, encircled by lush gardens, invites guests to unwind. Start your day with an invigorating coffee, linger over a mid-day meal, and segue into the evening with live entertainment and acclaimed DJs on the deck. Embracing an open-air marketplace vibe, it boasts an eclectic array of dining options, from classic breakfasts and Neapolitan pizzas to succulent oysters.

A gem within The Newport, Bert’s Bar & Brasserie channels the elegance of 1930s grand hotel dining spaces. Its open kitchen and charming pink and green hues set the stage for a menu spotlighting premium seafood – think oysters, mud crab, and wild-caught fish – as well as succulent rib-eye steaks prepared on wood-fired ovens or grills.

Restaurant Lovat beckons diners to indulge in leisurely meals under the open sky. Their specialty? Homestyle dishes with a focus on fresh-off-the-market seafood and top-tier steaks.

Nothing beats cooling off at 4 Pines Newport with one of their refreshing brews. Their Devil’s Happy Hour, available weekdays from 4-5 pm, offers great deals, and their Wednesday special, the Farm to Plate organic meal, is paired with a complimentary pint or organic wine.

For a more intimate ambiance, Mrs Robertson Wine & Cocktail Bar offers both live tunes and a curated list of wines and cocktails.

As the evening sun begins to dip into the horizon, Newport Beach unveils its most enchanting spectacle: the sunset. Locals and visitors gather along the shore, silently spellbound by the kaleidoscope of colors painting the sky. The serenity of the moment is palpable, as if time itself has momentarily paused to allow for admiration of nature’s magnificence.

Where to stay?


  • Nature based
  • Relaxation

Popular Activities

  • Beach
  • Surfing

About Newport Beach

  • Locality: Suburb
  • Newport Beach Postcode: 2106
  • State: New South Wales
  • Region: Sydney
  • Latitude: -33.6599
  • Longitude: 151.30931
  • Elevation: 18m
  • Population: 9301
  • Median Income: $46852
  • Area (Sq/km): 3.812
  • Timezone: Australia/Sydney

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