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Flinders Island, TAS

In the southeastern part of Australia lies Flinders Island. The island is the largest one among the island of the Furneaux Group has a size of 1,367 square kilometers in the Bass Strait and is located in the northeastern part of the state of Tasmania. Flinders Island can be reached from mainland Australia to Hobart, and from Hobart to Flinders Island by plane.

Flinders Island

The island was the last part of Australia where the last Aboriginal settlers were exiled by the colonial British government. It is reputedly characterized by turquoise clear waters, granite grounds, and magnificent long white sand beaches. Some tourists may even characterize it as “unreal” and incomparably picturesque.

Explore Flinders Island

A dose of gigantic paradise is not so secret anymore as you get to explore the island’s ultra-mesmerizing sceneries from the oceans, coastlines, and shores until its ethereal heavenly mountain ranges that are overlooking the gorgeous beaches. As you set foot on this island, you will totally feel the magic of the wild, wild south through Australia’s most well-preserved island.

Be prepared to immerse in complete and full nature everywhere you go. More than the blissful fresh air of this island’s virgin ecosystem and wildlife conservation, you get the peak of the profile of nature from the abundant and clean streams, soil grounds, and sea waters.

You will never run out of new things to see about the southern hemisphere’s natural beauty as you explore and discover the island’s hidden blessings. The rarest and most unforgettable experience of your life in a rejuvenating vacation is all you will ever encounter here.

But more than the scenic views that caress your sight and heart, there are also activities that bring you out of your comfort zone. A great getaway should have remarkable experiences to make it holistically exciting and adventurous. And the greatest getaway could be undertaken on this island by delving into activities such as mountain climbing, kayaking, paddling, bike tours, bowling, golf, and clay shooting at Flinders Island local sports club and RSL.

More than mountains and wild sea waves, there are so many scenes that can attract you such as the amazing cliffs that peak over the island giving you the most wonderful views of its diverse landscapes and waterscapes. Mountain climbing and camping are very recommendable on the island but just beware of the wild animals so better prepare your gear and equipment.

The island is also a getaway to delicious local cuisines that you can enjoy by the beaches, lakesides, and by the foot of the mountain ranges like Mount Strzelecki. What’s best about the island is that almost every area is public and you can have a picnic, take photographs, read a book, paint, do yoga, or meditate. If you need to take a break from everything, this island is totally a de-stressor.

Flinders Island

The island is also home to different majestic trails that you can spend time with for walking, jogging, doing exercise by the trails, and reenergizing your soul. The laid-back lifestyle will definitely make your spirit vibrant as you recharge and refuel your energies through the sound of the pure winds, sea waves, jolly birds, tree leaves swaying, and water streaming. You can also opt for Diamond Fossicking as another unique adventure to experience in your lifetime.

Tranquility and serenity like no other are all you will find at Flinders Island and generally in the northwest and northeast areas of Tasmania. You can also find hotels, glass houses, and resorts for your accommodations. Rent out a glass house at Flinders Island and see the marvelous starry skies that you have never seen before.

You can also join community programs and festivals if you want to interact with some tourists and share your thoughts about the island’s wonderful nature. If you want to experience the best of the island, it is better to visit it during summer or in autumn if you do not want to immerse yourself in the hot climate and weather. Coming to the island will be much more optimized when booking a tour guide to maximize your time and to guide your next destination.

Furthermore, the island does not have many facilities so it is recommended to bring along the necessities needed for your daily routine. Thus, even without too many commercial and public aspects, you will really see how the island and its environment are very much alive 24/7!

Flinders Island Destinations

About Flinders Island

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