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Chocoholic Tours

Chocoholic Tours conducts Chocoholic and Coffee walking tours around the City of Melbourne. These are leisurely walks, which highlight some of Melbourne’s chocolate, coffee and dessert specialists. We cater for individual chocoholics and groups of up to 25 people. Tour times can be arranged to suit your particular needs. However there are 3 regular Saturday walking tours, which are the Coffee, Cafe & Chocolate Walk, Chocolate Indulgence Walk & the Chocolate & Other Desserts Walk. All the 3 walks take about 2 hours and end with a sit down afternoon tea of desserts and drinks. Relax, there is not need to leave in a hurry. We also conduct Fashion walks with a behind the scenes look at this fascinating industry. These walks coincide with Melbourne Fashion Week in March & September. The Art & Culture of Melbourne can be discovered on walks visiting the many galleries and artists working within the City of Melbourne.

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