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Ripcord Skydivers

Ready for some gravity powered action? Check out the jump options then give Ripcord Skydivers a call.

Jump from a beautiful south-east Queensland sky and enjoy perfect weather conditions nearly all year round, some of the best skydiving rates in the world and exceptional safety standards.

Your first exhilarating jump will be the most memorable experience of your life. If you have a passion for adventure and excitement the ultimate thrill is to jump from a plane.

There are three different ways for you to complete your first jump. These include solo, tandem with one instructor or an accelerated free fall where two instructors assist you on your decent. After you have completed your first skydive you will be issued with a student licence and certificate, which enables you to complete further jumps at greatly reduced costs.

Delays due to weather can happen and weight restrictions do apply.

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Touring Options

Static Line

If you choose to jump solo you will depart from the plane at 3500 feet. Your parachute will automatically open moments after you jump. You will receive step-by-step instructions from a radio operator on the ground, who will lead you to a tip-toe landing with pin-point accuracy.

Tandem Skydive

Tandem jumps provide extra security to those of you who are a little unsure, as you complete the jump from between 8,000 – 12,500 feet harnessed to your instructor. You will experience the breathtaking exhilaration of a 50 second free fall, followed by a peaceful four minute parachute ride under a parachute built for two.

Accelerated Free Fall

Your accelerated free fall jump will be from 10,000 feet with two instructors holding on to you. They will fall with you until your parachute opens. After you have successfully completed twelve accelerated free fall jumps you will receive your ‘A’ parachuting licence.

Activites and Experiences at Ripcord Skydivers

  • Skydiving Tandem or solo training.
  • Direct
  • Retail
  • Car park
  • Checkin Desk
  • Public Transport At drop zone and transit centre.
  • Public phone
  • Public toilet
  • Waiting Area
  • Active
  • Adventure Real adventure – Extreme fun.
  • Soft Adventure
  • Sport
  • RTN, QH and National Distributors (TQ)
  • 18-35’s
  • Adult Getaway
  • Backpacking/Unstructured
  • Budget
  • Business/Trade/Corporate
  • Empty Nesters
  • Family
  • Gay and Lesbian
  • Group
  • Luxury
  • Meetings Incentive Conventions
  • Nudist/Naturist
  • Romantic
  • Self-Drive
  • Senior
  • Single
  • Wedding
  • Brisbane Marketing
  • American Express
  • Cheques By Arrangement
  • Bankcard
  • Cheques Bank
  • Bartercard
  • Cash
  • Diners Club
  • Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale
  • MasterCard
  • Money Order
  • Australian Travellers Cheque Five percent surcharge when paying using a travellers cheque.
  • Visa
  • Pickup From most Brisbane and Gold Coast central business districts.
  • Toilet Disabled toilet available.
  • Aeroplane For skydivers only.
  • Coaster Free pick up service.

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