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King Island, TAS

Boasting a pristine 145-kilometer stretch of ocean water and sand, King Island allows you to bask in the beauty of Australia’s most remote and picturesque coastline. While the natural charm of such an untouched environment may be enough to attract you to this gorgeous haven, the warmth of its people pulls you to come back and do it all over again.

King Island

Easily accessible from the state capital Hobart, its crystal-clear waters, white sand beaches, world-class golf courses, and amazing surfing breaks easily make the island a must-visit the whole year round.

Whether you are up for secluded hikes and nature tours or are seeking to catch some waves and a taste of the island’s sumptuous seafood, here are some of the reasons why King Island is nothing short of a paradise.

Explore Tasmania’s King Island

Initially a part of a land bridge that connected Tasmania to mainland Australia, the natural beauty of King Island first caught the eye of European settlers in the 18th century. Featuring a long history of about 60 recorded shipwrecks, an extensive population of migratory birds, and a handful of amazing activities that just won’t quit, here are some of the reasons why King Island is worth a visit.

Recognized by many as perhaps the best beach breaks in all of Australia, Martha Lavinia is a spotless stretch of kegging A-frames and white sand that easily makes it a beach lover’s playground. Exquisitely located along a remote and lengthy beach, surfers often find themselves charging the waves without worrying about the presence of a big crowd.

While other beaches offer remarkable waves around the island, this impressive spot offers a never-ending rush of amazing waves that can be enjoyed by surfers of any level.

King Island

The best time to visit is at a low tide when the sand is shallow. Visitors are welcome to pack their lunch and fishing rods and spend the day lounging around on what could be the most flawless beach of all. Known for being the most photographed wave on King Island, a visit to this quaint spot should be on top of the list of novice and seasoned surfers alike.

Formerly known as the Lavinia Nature Reserve, this 68-square-kilometer of protected area is home to a wide range of unique and exotic species. Favored by birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts, this King Island staple offers guests the chance to see a platypus in its natural habitat.

Featuring a great variety of flora and fauna, sightings of the wandering albatross and the orange-bellied parrot can be considered a regular occurrence. Also, the much-frequented shores of Nine Mile Beach allow you to enjoy long dog walks, horse rides, surfing, fishing, and traversing the terrain with four-wheel drive vehicles.

Widely recognized as a gentleman’s game, a round of golf on King Island’s handsome golf courses will not only reduce your levels of anxiety and stress but also help you maintain a sense of mental alertness. Revered by experienced golfers who fly in from all corners of the planet, the 18-hole course at Cape Wickham & Ocean Dunes has carved out a reputation as a challenging yet enjoyable trail that ranks amongst the top golf courses in the world. Designed with the Scottish links tradition in mind, the combination of a rugged shore, the view of the deep blue, and a stunning backdrop will leave breathtaking golf memories for many years to come.

A visit to King Island will never be complete without a stop at King Island’s Dairy for a delightful day of cheese tasting. Building an outstanding reputation for their delectable produce, their growing team of skilled personnel and the quality of the milk used help ensure that they offer the most flavorful dairy products in the market. Along with fares such as the Black Wax Cheddar, the Roaring Forties Blue, and the Dairy Stormy, this highly revered cheesemaker guarantees to churn out what could be Australia’s finest.

From the calming sound of the waves to its lavish farmlands, King Island easily offers everyone a slice of paradise. Whether you came for a taste of its rich history, to play golf while enveloped by great scenery, or to catch barrels of perfect A waves, this adventure lover’s sanctuary is without a doubt a Tasmanian devil.

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