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Collaroy, NSW

Located on Sydney’s northern beaches, between Narrabeen and Dee Why, Collaroy doesn’t unveil itself immediately. It’s a place to be savoured, like a hearty sip of Australia’s prized Shiraz. The quiet, leafy streets are adorned with the quintessential Australian residential architecture – weatherboard homes painted in an array of ocean-inspired colours, complete with sun-washed patios and blooming jacaranda trees.

Known For:

  • Laid-back seaside town
  • Comfortable residential suburb

Collaroy Beach NSW

In Collaroy, the sea is an unescapable companion. The neighbourhood beach, stretching over 1.4 kilometres, is a swirl of turquoise waves and gleaming sands, bordered by dramatic headlands. It is this vista, so quintessentially Australian, that gives Collaroy its heartbeat.

The heady, salt-laden breeze whispers tales of surfing competitions and afternoon picnics. It’s where the locals come to greet the dawn, with surfboards tucked under their arms, where children build sandcastles under the watchful eyes of their parents, and where evening joggers leave behind footprints as twilight turns to night.

There’s an insouciant appeal to Collaroy, perhaps stemming from its position as a surf-lover’s haven. For a place that doesn’t stake claim to any world-famous landmarks, the quality of its surf break seems to have gained an enthusiastic following. But the waves aren’t just for the seasoned; Collaroy’s Surf Life Saving Club, the second oldest in Australia, offers surf lessons for all ages and abilities.

But not all of Collaroy is about the great outdoors. Duck into the Collaroy Hotel, with its art-deco facade standing proudly since the 1930s, for a culinary treat. On offer are fresh local oysters and prawns, perfectly paired with crisp white wines. After all, what could be more authentically Australian than enjoying the freshest seafood, with the backdrop of crashing waves and a glorious sunset?

Collory Beach and South Narrabeen

The charm of Collaroy lies in its fine balance between a laid-back seaside town and a comfortable residential suburb. The local shopping centre, with its coffee shops and boutiques, carries an easygoing air, and the sprawling Collaroy Plateau Park provides a panoramic view of the district, a nod to the grandeur of the natural landscape.

Collaroy rock pool

Even in a place where the stunning natural landscape takes centre stage, Collaroy’s rock pool still manages to stand out as a star. Situated on the southern end of the beach, this particular feature holds its own idiosyncratic allure, and its charm, much like Collaroy itself, lies in its departure from the norm.

The rock pool at Collaroy Beach NSW

At first glance, the Collaroy rock pool strikes one as a strange aberration amidst the vastness of the sea, an unexpected rectangle of tranquillity carved out of the wild ocean. It isn’t a perfect rectangle though, nor is it a clean-cut square. The rock pool’s silhouette doesn’t adhere to a rigid geometry. Instead, it traces an irregular shape, a rhomboid if you will, that offers more than just an aesthetic appeal.

This peculiar shape does more than just pique curiosity, it is a testament to a perfect fusion of man-made design and natural geography. It is the result of the designers working in harmony with the existing rock formations rather than against them. The end result? A pool that embraces its landscape, rather than trying to dominate it.

Being a tidal pool, it shares a profound connection with the ocean, ebbing and flowing with the tide, maintaining a delicate balance of salinity and temperature that keeps its ecosystem thriving. Here, you can swim in the safe confines of the pool, while the untamed ocean stretches out before you, a stark contrast that only enhances the experience.

Collaroy rock pool

The Collaroy rock pool serves as a microcosm of the town itself – it’s different, a touch quirky, and deeply in sync with the natural world. As you wade into its clear, cool waters, with the vast Pacific framing your view, it feels like stepping into a secret world, a place where you can be one with the ocean, but within the safety of the pool’s stone walls.

Where to stay?


  • 18-35's
  • Active
  • Nature based
  • Relaxation

Popular Activities

  • Swimming
  • Beach
  • Surfing

About Collaroy

  • Locality: Suburb
  • Collaroy Postcode: 2097
  • State: New South Wales
  • Region: Sydney
  • Latitude: -33.74097
  • Longitude: 151.30313
  • Elevation: 24m
  • Population: 7870
  • Median Income: $49660
  • Area (Sq/km): 2.679
  • Timezone: Australia/Sydney

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