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A day trip to South East Asia

With Vietnamese soup shops, Chinese grocery stores and Thai herb shops, Cabramatta gives you a unique slice of South East Asian life. It is an excellent place to learn about the exotic fruits, vegetables, meat and the special ingredients used in authentic Asian cooking as there are over a dozen types of South East Asian cuisine represented amongst the area’s food shops. Cabramatta’s restaurants are equally diverse.

The focal point for Cabramatta is Freedom Plaza where local families congregate, women sell herbs and old men play cards. The plaza contains a myriad of specialty shops, soup stands and take away food stalls.

Cabramatta Highlights….

  • Be guided through a “Day trip to Asia” with food writer and chef Carol Selva Rajah, where you’ll experiment with unfamiliar ingredients in the company of other explorers.
  • Feast on a bowl of pho (noodle) soup, accompanied by a sugary lemon drink.
  • Go to the BKK supermarket and view the enormous marvel at the range of packaged noodles, dried herbs and tins of mysterious ingredients.
  • Shop for stunning fabrics and other clothing bargains, as well as traditional South East Asian style jewellery and jades.
  • Visit nearby Canley Vale to enjoy the serenity of the Kuan Yin Buddhist Temple or visit the Tien Hau Temple – dedicated to the sea goddess Ma Cho.

Activites and Experiences at Cabramatta

  • Shopping
  • Cultural
  • Food and Wine
  • Historic/Heritage
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping
  • English
  • English

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