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Highland Warbirds

We offer you the once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the ultimate warbird adventure flight.

Flying over the beautiful Southern Highlands, an easy drive south of Sydney, you are offered the opportunity to enjoy fantastic views over one of the most picturesque areas in NSW.

From Tactical to Aircombat, our experienced ex-military pilots can show you what military flying is all about!

If you prefer a milder experience, we can design a mission profile to suit your needs.

Our aircraft are ex-military Communist Bloc Warbirds. Renowned for their robust design and outstanding performance, the opportunity to fly in one of these aircraft is something that was unheard of only a few short years ago.

So fasten your seat belt … and hang on, as we give you the ride of a lifetime!

Touring Options

The Warbird Experience

This package is for those who would like an economic Warbird experience.

We will brief you in safety procedures and give you a cockpit familiarisation. We then strap in and depart on a short Tactical Navigation exercise around the Southern Highlands prior to climbing up for aerobatics (optional).

The entire experience is 30 minutes in duration with 15 minutes flight time.

Activites and Experiences at Highland Warbirds

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