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Aboriginal Discoveries

Sydney Aboriginal Discoveries offer Aboriginal tours in Sydney. Experience an enlightening and entertaining culture that is one of the oldest in the world.

Our tours offer the visitor a venture into the Aboriginal history during a cruise, bushwalk or overnight camp. Visitors will be able to discover Aboriginal people’s history and lifestyle, feast and share the knowledge of
Aboriginal people of Sydney. Group bookings are essential.

Touring Options

Yurabirong Walk-a-bout

* Take a leisurely walk into the Sydney Botanic Gardens for an introduction into Aboriginal use of flora and fauna, marine life and the multi-purpose use of the natural eco-systems.
* Hear a Dreamtime story about values and beliefs.
* Taste a delicious native beverage and seedcake.
* Stroll along to the Art Gallery of NSW.
* Visit the Yirabana Gallery to view the National Aboriginal Art Exhibition.

Activites and Experiences at Aboriginal Discoveries

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