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Foot Prints Adventures Turtle Tour

From November to April, come with Footprints Adventures on a night-time adventure like no other, in search of the endangered marine turtle. From one of the most important turtle rockeries in the world, to a beautiful remote beach with just a handful of others, the choice is yours.

Footprints has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share. The Mon Repos Turtle Adventure was recently “highly recommended” by the Lonely Planet (Queensland 2005 Edition, Australia 2006 Edition), the travellers bible. Footprints gives back to nature by fully funding its own turtle research. Footprints is also fully authorised by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service to enable you to participate in a truly special and unique experience.

The Flatback, Green Turtle and Loggerhead are the three main species of marine turtle visiting the region. All are protected, vulnerable or endangered. Between November and February turtles leave their feeding grounds, often travelling thousands of Kilometres to selected beaches where they lay up to 150 ping-pong ball sized eggs.

Some eight weeks later, between January and April, the tiny baby turtles hatch under cover of darkness and run to the awaiting ocean. Only one in a thousand will survive to adulthood. Some 30 years later female turtles will return to the same region, as these golliaths of the sea have done for millennia, to perpetuate the cycle and ensure the survival of their species.

Thee is no better way to find your place in nature then to witness this timeless ritual, under a night sky, the the sounds of the nearby ocean. Place yourself on the most important beach in the Southern Hemisphere for the endangered Loggerhead turtle or experience the ultimate in eco-tourism. Whatever your choice, Footprints can make it happen. Follow the links below to decide which experience yours will be.

Touring Options

Turtle Dudes Eco-Adventure

Footprints is proud to offer the true eco-adventure an exclusive small group turtle experience. Turtledudes is the only authorised, privately run turtle adventure on the East Coast of Australia.

On selected summer nights, join the search for elusive loggerhead, Green and Flatback turtles as these endangered creatures nest and hatch along almost deserted beach, just over an hour from Bundaberg.

This is nature on its own terms. Wild, unpredictable, beautiful and definitely not for the fainy-hearted. Just the turtles, yourself and a hand full of others, as Footprints gathers vital dta. Awesome, inspirational, rewarding…….and yours. By arrangment only.

Mon Repos Turtle Tour

Be a part of nature with Footprints Mon Repos Turtle Adventure, nightly from November to April each Summer. Witness the fascinating nesting and hatching rituals of these critically endangered ‘Ancient Mariners’ at the world famous Mon Repos Turtle Rockery. Watch as a 100 kilogram adult loggerhead turtle delicately scoops out a nest chamber from the warm brown sands of this unique beach and deposits over one hundred precious eggs. Some eight weeks later, enjoy the delightful sight of tiny baby turtles as they burst from the sand and scramble down the beach to the awaiting ocean.

Activites and Experiences at Foot Prints Adventures Turtle Tour

  • Animal Viewing
  • Marine Animal watching
  • Walking
  • Water-based
  • Direct
  • Retail
  • Adventure
  • Aussie Lifestyle
  • Beach
  • Eco Tourism
  • Educational
  • Environmental
  • Marine
  • National Park
  • Nature based
  • Water based
  • Wilderness
  • Wildlife
  • RTN, QH and National Distributors (TQ)
  • 18-35’s
  • Adult Getaway
  • Backpacking/Unstructured
  • Budget
  • Disabled
  • Empty Nesters
  • Family
  • Single
  • Bundaberg Tourism
  • Cheques By Arrangement
  • Cash
  • Commentary
  • Drop off
  • Interpreter Service
  • Meal Light refreshments are provided with turtle tours.
  • Meet & Greet Footprints will pick up from accommodation establishments in Bundaberg city and Bargara.
  • Pickup
  • Seat belts
  • Coach
  • Walk Once at Mon Repos guest will walk along the beach.

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