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Safari Treks

Safari Treks has been operating since 1990 and was run as a family business until one of the son’s, Norm Crane, took full ownership. Norm is a very experienced and qualified four wheel drive tour operator and he has hand picked and personally trained his driver/guides. Norm, as a owner/driver, loves to operate our Kimberley tours and pass on his knowledge of the region. His love of the outback shows through in his photography.

Safari Treks operate four wheel drive tours all throughout Western Australia including day tours and extended camping tours. Our tours are very personalised with our fleet of vehicles including a 21 seater, 13 seater, 12 seater and four seater four wheel drives. Because our vehicles are 4WD we can get to places that larger coach’s can’t. Some of our specialties are wildflowers, wildlife and photographic tours.

Special planning has been made with our camping itineraries, such as getting to places at the best time of day and making the most of the days adventures. You will find that your tour will be more relaxed and not rushed.

Our tours suit all age groups and we have even had an 86 year old on our Kimberley tour.

Let us show you some of Western Australia’s beautiful secrets.

Touring Options

Activites and Experiences at Safari Treks

  • National Tourism Accreditation Program
  • Sightseeing
  • Direct
  • Waiting Area
  • Adventure Unusual and exciting experience or an endurance race consisting of a variety of adventure activities
  • National Park A national park is an area that is recognised for its natural features that are protected by controlled access and usage
  • Remote Remote and usually uninhabited or sparsely inhabitd areas of Australia
  • Wildflower The flower of an uncultivated plant
  • Wildlife Animals living in their natural environment or attractions that provide visitors with the opportunity to view a variety of wildlife
  • English
  • Bankcard
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Four Wheel Drive

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