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West Kimberley Tours

West Kimberley Tours (est 1993) operate multi day safari tours that encompass only the West Kimberley area. We have an intimate knowledge of the area we service. Our tours cover the Gibb River Road attractions from Derby.

Itinieraries can be varied to include other West Kimberley attractions on request.

Our Safari Tours are undertaken in an airconditioned Toyota four wheel drive (4WD) Land Cruiser with forward facing seats. The maximum number taken on a tour is six passengers. Our tour guides have a comprehensive knowledge of the West Kimberley Region and it’s history. Information on ornithology, botany and geology can also be provided. All tours involve swimming, moderate bushwalking, sightseeing and enjoying the Kimberley night sky

West Kimberley Tours customize itineraries to suit client needs. Tours can range from three to seven days and cover the West Kimberley from Derby

West Kimberley Tours camp in designated camping areas that are equipped with showers, toilets and fireplaces. We are conscious of our environment and the comfort of our passengers and therefore we do not bush camp

Touring Options

West Kimberley Safari

Activites and Experiences at West Kimberley Tours

  • Bushwalking
  • Direct
  • Public toilet Facilities for personal hygiene
  • Adventure Unusual and exciting experience or an endurance race consisting of a variety of adventure activities
  • Rural/Country Relating to the rural/country lifestyle (ie agricultural or pastoral)
  • Environmental Relating to the natural environment, its protection and conservation
  • Flora and Fauna Relating to Plant and Animal Life
  • National Park A national park is an area that is recognised for its natural features that are protected by controlled access and usage
  • Nature based Relating to the natural environment
  • Outback Remote and usually uninhibited or sparesely inhabited areas of Australia
  • Remote Remote and usually uninhabited or sparsely inhabitd areas of Australia
  • Sport Bushwalking
  • Wilderness Uncultivated and still wild region of forests, scrub, bush and desert
  • Wildlife Animals living in their natural environment or attractions that provide visitors with the opportunity to view a variety of wildlife
  • English
  • Bankcard
  • Diners Club
  • Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Commentary Descriptive information provided during trip/tour.
  • Drop off Transport of persons/car to hotels or specific locations in local area from arrival point.
  • Meal Dining facilities on service
  • Pickup Transport of persons/cars etc from hotels or specific locations in local area to departure point
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Coaster

Accommodation In Derby

Discover some of the accommodation nearby in Derby.

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