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Great Western Coach Tours

Experience Western Australia with Great Western Coach Tours. Perth’s friendliest day tour company provides small coach touring with a special personal touch. Our unique range of half day, full day and evening tours give you time to enjoy the experience.

Get your bearings on a tour of the City of Perth, explore cosmopolitan Fremantle, relax whilst cruising the Swan or Murray Rivers, visit historic New Norcia, with a specialist guide discover delicate, springtime wildflowers, ride a vintage timber train through the jarrah forest or dine at an intimate restaurant in the Perth Hills.

The choice is yours. Our caring and informative staff will ensure your visit to the West is truly memorable. Enjoy!

Touring Options

Activites and Experiences at Great Western Coach Tours

  • Bushwalking
  • City Sightseeing
  • Cruising
  • Flora
  • Sightseeing
  • Train Ride
  • Walking
  • Direct
  • Waiting Area
  • City Large town with a population of over 30,000 people
  • Cruise To sail from place to place for pleasure
  • Flora and Fauna Relating to Plant and Animal Life
  • Food and Wine Tasting and/or purchasing renowned food or wine product
  • Historic/Heritage Nation’s historic buildings, monuments, countryside etc, especially when regarded worthy of preservation
  • Marine Related to aquatic activities such as swimming, diving, snorkelling etc
  • Nature based Relating to the natural environment
  • Sport Bushwalking
  • Wilderness Uncultivated and still wild region of forests, scrub, bush and desert
  • Wildflower The flower of an uncultivated plant
  • English
  • Bankcard
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Coach
  • Motor Vessel
  • Vintage/Classic

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