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Tiwi Art Network

Tiwi Art Network tours run on demand and visit three Aboriginal art and craft centres on Bathurst and Melville Islands in one day. You can buy artwork directly from the Art Centres at community prices, meet Tiwi artists, and learn about Tiwi culture.

Travelling by small plane allows you to admire the beauty of the islands from the air. These tours are ideal for art collectors, art dealers and art enthusiasts. Each art centre produces traditional and contemporary art with its own unique style. The staff will show you around and give you an insight into the work produced. The tour is organised by the Tiwi Art Network, which is a partnership between the three art centres that aims to bring financial returns to Tiwi artists.

Touring Options

Tiwi Islands Art Tour

Travel from Darwin by plane to the beautiful Tiwi Islands to experience a unique art tour. You will have the chance to view local Aboriginal artworks as you are guided through art centres and workshops. Some examples of the pieces available for viewing and purchase include ochres and acrylics on canvas, paper and bark, ironwood carvings, ceramics, and hand woven baskets. This is an excellent opportunity to experience an important aspect of an acient and fascinating culture.

Activites and Experiences at Tiwi Art Network

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