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North West, VIC

North West Tasmania makes up a part of Tasmania, the latter being an island state in Australia. Tasmania state is approximately 240 kilometers distance from the Australian mainland in the southern region. Northwest Osmania is one of the most naturally beautiful regions of not only Tasmania but of Australia and the world as well. It is due to the pristine coastlines and beaches as well as the rainforests and the agricultural lands of North West Tasmania.

North West

The aboriginals have been a part of Tasmania for 40,000 years. The region was separated from the mainland when the ocean waters rose and formed the Bass Strait, approximately 11,700 years ago.

Exploring North West Tasmania

Approximately 42% of all areas in the island state of Tasmania comprise World Heritage sites and include National Parks. The State is also relatively cooler when compared to the mainland. Therefore, you can visit it at any time of the year.

The wild and rugged Northwestern Tasmania region enchants and stuns inhabitants as well as tourists due to a diverse range of fauna, flora, and geographical features. The beautiful typography of the region highlights the tourists’ rainforests, mountains, coastal beaches, caves, wildlife, grasslands, and much more. Below are some of the most popular and visited destinations in Northwest Tasmania.

The Cradle Mountains of Northwest Tasmania make up a part of its long list of world heritage sites. The mountain range is beautiful and has breathtaking views. It is also highly versatile in its typography and features. It includes the glacial lakes, the rainforests, the alpine grasslands, as well as jagged peaks. The unique species of wildlife of Tasmania and Australia (for instance the Wombats, Echidnas, and Pademelons) can also be seen here.

North West

You do not need to venture into the wilderness and deep into the forest to see them as they are easily visible in lodges or the parks. However, you can take the walking trails of the Cradle Mountains to enjoy the scenic and natural beauty of this wonderful place on earth.

The Dove Lake Circuit and the Broadwalk are two popular trails of the mountains that may also bring you close to a glacial lake, wooden bridges, and the woodlands. Apart from lodges and hotels, you will also find cottages, cabins, and dorm rooms here for accommodation.

Mole Creek Caves

The Mole Creek Caves include beautiful and natural caves that are memorable sites. Guided tours are available for this region. The important caves and tourist destinations of the area include the King Solomons Cave and the Marakoopa Cave. The Marakoopa Cave offers some gorgeous views including that of glow worms and the Great Cathedral. The Cathedral has multicolored bands, flowstone, and beautiful straw formations that have been created by the mineral traces and their depositions in the water. It is a never-ending tour of astonishing and beautiful sites formed naturally. However, the temperature can be low in the caves. Therefore, do not forget to bring with you suitable clothing (for instance a jumper).

North West

Located close to the Cradle Mountains (approx.74km) is a private reserve called Mountain Valley Wilderness Holidays. It has some exclusive and rare fauna and flora for you including the spotted tail quoll, echidnas, pademelons, platypus, glow worms, endemic and rare bird species, and the Tasmania devil. There are 6 cabins here that offer amenities including electric blankets, log fire, and air conditioning. You can watch the wildlife very closely from these cabins. The park is a natural paradise and a memorable destination for wildlife watching. It is in the Loongana mountains.

Tarkine Drive

A short drive from the beautiful town of Stanley will take you to the wildest part of the region, which is also known as the Tarkine Wilderness. The region includes giant trees and temperate rainforests. You will find your drive-through here to be quite dramatic. Some of the best highlights of the region include the Balfour trail (through the rainforest), the Tarkine coastline (also referred to as the “Edge of the World”), Lake Chisholm, and the Samoua Viewpoint.

North West

If you want to see the Forrester kangaroos, you need to visit the Narrawntapu National Park. The eastern-most part and destination of the Northwest Tasmania region viz. Port Sorell is also close by. If you are interested in bird watching, you can also visit the Rubicon Estuary. The port has majestic beaches including the Bakers beach and the Hawley beach.

Your tour of the Northwest Tasmania region will also take you through beautiful towns including Launceston, Stanley, Penguin, Wyngard, and Sheffield. The coastline of the region has sister beaches and boat harbors as well that offer a memorable and breathtaking view of the sea.

Northwest Tasmania can store for you many more natural highlights, destinations, and geographical variations than other tourist destinations. It has unique and adorable wildlife, delightful and quirky towns, and a relaxed atmosphere. However, ensure that you bring with you proper clothing following the time of the year and reliable transportation.

North West Destinations

About North West

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